Am I There Yet? by Mari Andrew

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Am I there Yet’ is a Semi-Autobiographical book based on Mari Andrew’s journey to Adulthood, half-narrative, half-illustration, this is sweet and beautifully conceived. She is a writer, illustrator, and aspiring flamenco enthusiast, living in New York. She takes us on her journey of 30 yrs to Adulthood, through essays and Hilarious, Heartbreakingly true yet very RELATABLE Drawings and essays. Her Illustrations are inspired by seasons of her life, love, friendship, home, career, heartbreak, moving to a new City, vulnerability, and self-discovery.


She was grieving her Father’s death and a Broken relationship. To escape her reality, she went through whirlwinds of relationships, past, and present.

“But now I understand that acceptance is actually a heartbreaking realization. My father is dead and nothing can bring him back. Not an old boyfriend, not a new boyfriend. Acceptance is not a relief; it’s the realization that you will always carry grief with you.”

To overcome her grief and for her own happiness, she decided to change things, that brought her closer to her happiness. So she started doodling about everyday life and posted them on Instagram.

What I liked most about the book?

I could easily connect with the Author. Her writing style is very poetic and the use of beautiful Metaphors makes the book more attention catching. You’ll relate to almost every drawing because you’ve experienced it yourself on some point of time in life.

The Author muses about the Alternate Life, she could have had had she moved to San Francisco instead of Washington D.C. Didn’t we all wonder at some point in time or still wonder, how our life would have been different had we done that or taken a particular decision we had to take for the greater good of our future.

Mari takes us on routes around the world, to Berlin, Lisbon, Rio De Janeiro, and Granada. And draws scenic pictures through her words. And makes the reader visit those places and fall in love with the people she has met.

What I didn’t like about the book?

The book flew fast through chapters (very fast-paced), I wouldn’t have minded a little bit more information. Some of the chapters left a gaping hole that needed to fill. As a Reader, I wanted time to breathe and savour each chapter.

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Do I recommend it?

Yes, I do.

Am I there yet?‘ is a beautiful book that I recommend to any young adult. Mari is incredibly brilliant and has the power Ernest Hemingway does with a few words—except she does that with illustrations.

A Must Read!

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