Finding your G-Spot in Life by Geetika Saigal

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Do you guys like reading self-help?

If “Yes”, then reading the whole review does make sense and if it’s a “No”, then you should give Finding your G-Spot in Life by Geetika Saigal a go because trust me it is not a conventional self-help book that you so hate reading!

I know, most of you don’t like to read self-help because you think they’re boring or because of same old messages it holds, i.e., Read Books, Exercise, Work hard, be patient etcetera etcetera. But this is the best thing about this book. It is a refreshing, witty and very well thought after an easy read.

The author tries to stay away from the conventional approach of motivation and you-have-to-read-a-500-pages-book if you want to bring change in your life.

Nah! Nothing like that!!!

Constituting of 4 Parts and 20 chapters, “Finding your G spot in Life” is about Geetika’s own thought-provoking extensive experiences of life. She’s shown us that vulnerability is not a weakness but it is your strength in disguise. Fear is not a bad and weak feeling. It doesn’t define us, but how we respond to it, is the defining point.

The question is not “Are you fearless?’ The question rather is, ‘What do you do when in Fear?’.

“Maybe, it is not about the light at the end of the tunnel, but the lights we light as we journey through the tunnel.”

The book puts you in retrospective, you’ll find yourself staring at the wall for hours and thinking about your life, or at some point laughing your heart out while reading it. The Author successfully connects with the reader in a very personal way with her witty, fast-paced writing and beautiful Forget-me-not quotes for you to fall instantly in love with. At the end of every chapter, there are Do-It-Yourself questionnaires for self-evaluation and retrospection and this makes the book more fun to read.

I loved and most related to ‘The Shower Power’.

“When you clear the clutter, the noises cease, the voices fade away; all you hear then is you.”

My ‘Mantra’ in life, has always been to take a long dive in the shower, whenever I felt the need to drown out the unwanted voices cluttering my head. And when you emerge from the Shower, you realize “The world has not changed, YOU have”

I must say you had me at ‘Preface’ henceforth I devoured the book like a hungry child, starved for days. The beginning filled with true & beautiful touching emotions and ended on a light note with humor and reality leaving you to introspect.

I’ve so much more to share about this lovely book and how inspiring Geetika has been.

“Maybe what you want isn’t what you want, you just enjoy wanting it.”

Highly recommended this book
I give it 4.5/5 stars


Finding your G-Spot in Life by Geetika Saigal

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The Probability of your parents meeting: one in a million.
The chance that they had you and not another genetic version of you: one in 4 million billion.
The number of moments you have lived:~9.4 million
You, yes you, are a miracle.
Do you the deserve to lead a miraculous life?
A life that is meaningful to you, that doesn’t leave you feeling like you are simply running, not knowing where to and why so.
So go on, give yourself and your life the best shot.
By ceasing this race to ‘somewhere’ for just a few hours;
Re-discovering your Real Self, Re-aligning your thoughts, Revamping your life.
This book is written for all of us, whether you’re just starting out your life or wishing to change it.


About the Author

Geetika Saigal

Geetika Saigal, is an MBA and Economics grad by education; a Corporate Leader turned Entrepreneur turned Writer, by profession; an explorer of the unknown and a believer in self-created destiny. She chose the path of a life lived fully, explored globally, experienced intimately; before she took a pause and started to write.

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