Gonna tell my kids…

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If you’re on Instagram or Facebook and follow pages that post memes and viral content then, you must have seen these ‘gonna tell my kids’ posts. While some of these are extremely hilarious, some are just targeted. Though we are here to share the former one, so the following images are the funniest ‘gonna tell my kids’ posts that I’ve seen on my feed:


And just like you, I never noticed this before!

Shashi Tharoor cameo in Andaz Apna Apna


Chai piyoge guys?

She is a food blogger


Kya interview tha wo?

Best Chief Minister of Maharashtra


Mai hockey ka bahott bada player tha…

Best Hockey player of India


Isme batana kya hai? Ye toh fact hai na!

This is ice


Heroine ko ganja karke bazaar me bechne ka?

This is Pablo Escobar

Gandi baat

this was our brazzers

.   .   .   .   .

Now, these are some of the best that I’ve found on Instagram. Do you have some more of these? Share the link in the comments below then. Also, here’s some things that I’m gonna tell my kids:

Bina rap wale bollywood gaane, us surviving 2012 apocalypse, Super Mario, Sorry Shaktimaan, Chidiya udd, Neki kar Dariya me daal, and let me think of more!

Do let me know yours in the comments below.

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