A Musical Love story – Handwritten Letters in the Bookstore by Rimple Sanchla

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First, let’s talk about the beautiful beautiful cover of the book.

The cover has vibrant colors and beautiful illustrations, and the cover speaks clear and louder to the readers. The title and the cassette on the cover emphasize the importance of music, letters, and books in the lives characters of the book.

Now let’s talk about the title of the book

‘Handwritten letters in the bookstore’

Handwritten Letters in the Bookstore

Letters that were part of our life growing up in the 90s is now an extinct art. Art I say? yes, art it is. You can find a plethora of emotions of the letter writer in a few words on a sheet of paper, which is what makes it art. And Bookstore has always been a safe haven for us book lovers.  In just a few words, the author captured human emotions.

For me, the cover and its Title is a story unto itself.

And now the Story…

‘Handwritten Letters in the Bookstore’ is a story of Rajvir, whose only goal in life is to be a successful businessman. But his life takes a drastic twist when he decides to go to a Bookstore to buy a book, where he finds a letter tucked between two pages of the book that changes his whole perspective towards life. Rajvir decides to befriend the letter writer. They both share their love for music, books and everything in between, first through the mail and then through chat. Eventually, they both fall for each and thus start their journey on an uneven path of letters, chats and the books.

A new woman Taashvi comes in Rajvir’s happy blissful life. Taashvi joins Rajvir in his business. She is happy, vivacious and very Independent, and she puts Rajvir in dilemma, as both Taashvi and Letter writer leave a similar impact on his life.

Who will Rajvir choose as his life partner? Taashvi or The letter writer.

What do I think about the book?

Handwritten Letters in the Bookstore has romance as a theme but the concept is different from other books. The book mainly contains chats between Rajvir and The Letter writer. And if you are 90s kid, then sure this book will take you to the joy ride of the Nostalgia lane. The mention of the Phantom Sweet Cigarettes, Tazos, and Floppy Disks and Slam Books were a sweet ache in my heart. And the songs: A sweet reminder that it is a high time to listen to them again. On the minus side, The book dragged a bit at some places. Some conversations were a tad bit long and tiring. Overall, the book is good and musical indeed.

For me, it’s a 3 out of 5 stars read.

Handwritten Letters in the Bookstore by Rimple

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