I am also a Human by Jasbir Singh

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The book ‘I am also a Human‘ by Jasbir Singh starts with raising questions about the equality of Transgender in our society.

The Book is a moving story of Zeenat, the protagonist. Zeenat is a transgender. Being a transgender in our Society is a curse and Zeenat realizes that early in her life.

At a very young age, her parents realize that she is a Transgender they abandon her and sends her to an orphanage. Where she is then taken into the care or guardianship of Rajiya Amma. In her, she finds selfless love and a mother. But fate has other plans for Zeenat. Rajiya Amma is being murdered by her rapist Dheeraj. She runs from Orphanage to save her life and ends up working in a café. Where she finds her love Rajveer. Again the cursed fate had other plans. She lost Rajveer in a bike Accident.

Don’t harass them for their gender,
Don’t hate them for their identity,
Love them, because they are beautiful creatures of God,
Love them, because they are also HUMAN.

For being a transgender, the Protagonist was harassed and faced lots of hardships and she is struggling to find happiness like a normal human being. But Zeenat being fighter tries to overcome her struggles and hardship.

I am also a Human

A person is rich in real sense when he/she has the courage to forgive other people when he/she accepts the other person despite their caste, creed or color and you’re one of them. So don’t say that you’re poor. You are rich from the heart.

Let’s talk about what I liked most:

    • Story: I am Human by Jasbir Singh has a unique storyline, Which I thoroughly loved. And would like to applaud Jasbir for writing a book based on Transgender issues.
    • The author tried his best to create awareness about many problems in our society which people like Zeenat faces everyday…
    • I really loved the characters of Zeenat and Rajveer and loved how the Author gave us the introduction of characters.
    • The book spoke of many issues in our Society which needs to be discussed.

What I didn’t like?

  • The story was very very fast paced. A few more chapters could have done wonders to the book
  • Characters needed more pages to breathe.

Do I recommend it?

It’s a good one time read.

Rating: 3/5 stars


I am also a Human by Jasbir Singh

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