Invisible Ties by Nadya AR


The moment I laid my eyes on the book cover of Invisible Ties by Nadya A.R I knew I had to have this book…
You can call it Love at first sight or smitten by its good looks, I had a huge crush on it. And I had the feeling that it was going to be a very interesting read.

Was I wrong? Nope!.

First 2-3 chapters were kind of confusing, I was left baffled. I had to re-read the chapters again to understand. However once past those hurdles, the book turned out to be a very good read.

The protagonist’s excursion from Karachi to Singapore to London is a heartwarming journey. The story revolves around Noor – a woman bound by a suffocating marriage. Under family pressure she finds herself married to a selfish man Meekal Kaleem, whose only reason to marry her was that she could be an unpaid maid to his mother. She made new friends Ella and Jake while doing her course. Both of her newfound friends change her outlook towards life.

What I liked about the book?

What made the book so interesting is its characters, they have many shades to them. Characters are fluidly woven into the story like silk threads. I learned and loved so much about the History, Food and Culture as me being a sucker for History and culture it was as if I was in the sideline of the story invisible to the characters and enjoying every aspect of it.

What I didn’t like about the book?

I didn’t like it’s first 3 chapters, it was like I was trying to decode a mystery. The narration was dragging in some places.

My recommendation

It’s for those who loves reading contemporary fiction

My Rating: 4/5 stars

Invisible Ties by Nadya AR

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About the Author

Nadya is an author, a psychotherapist and a motivational speaker. Her latest novel, Invisible Ties, has been published by Rupa Publications in August 2017.

She is married and has two children. Nadya divides her time between Singapore and Pakistan. She plans to do a doctorate in post-trauma stress disorder and study different theoretical models to understand its impact on people and their environment. Through her writing, she wants to make a positive change in the world. Currently, she is busy researching for, ‘The Sanctuary’, her next novel.

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Happy Reading 🙂

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