My True Angel by Irshad Thalakala

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My True Angel by Irshad Thalakala is based on a true story. The Book revolves around Iqbal, the main protagonist, and his three Angels, he meets during different phases of his life. Author Irshad has amalgamated Indian values, love, friendship, and respect of parents very fluidly in the story.

The Protagonist hails from a conservative middle-class Muslim family and is an engineering graduate from Kerala. Iqbal moves to Bangalore in search of a job. After months of job searching, he finds a decent one. There he meets his first angel and his first love Rubina. But it’s a one-sided love and leaves him heartbroken and jobless. After months of depression and joblessness, Iqbal finds a new life in the form of Priya his second Angel and a new job. And thus starts his journey to self-realization, his transformation from an angry stubborn man into a matured, practical man.
The three Angels Rubina, Payal & Noor are three defining points of his life. He learns valuable lessons from every relationship.

There are times when life throws challenges in your direction and at that moment who get to see the real side of people and you see who are true to you by being next to you.

What did I like about the book?

I liked the way Irshad portrayed the characters in the book, very real and yet with their human flaws. As the story is based on real-life, so the connection with the characters was instant. I loved the character of Senthil, he added a few fun elements in the story, though only in a few pages. Thalakala tried to raise some important issues which are hampering the development of our society. The narration was fluid and very easy to understand.

What I didn’t like about the book?

The story dragged at some places. I felt that Iqbal’s long musing hampered the story a bit. I so missed Senthil’s character in the second half of My True Angel.

My Rating: 4/5 stars

My True Angel by Irshad Thalakala

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About the Author

Irshad Thalakala presently works at Technical Lead in IBM Bangalore. He is a writer and blogger. And writes short stories. Irshad is from Thalakala, a town in the Northern part of Kerala.

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