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Untruth, Untruth
Abhishek Verma

Untruth, Untruth by Abhishek Verma

How does a book taste to the reader’s mind when it has an ingredient of four different genres – philosophy, spirituality, sci-fi, and fantasy.

And the answer is that it can either make the book or it breaks, in this case, the book Untruth Untruth by Abhishek Verma has mightily impressed me.

Opening Line: The messenger of God looked solemn.

Page Counts: 430 pages

Publisher: Notion Press

Untruth, untruthThe book is a beautiful amalgamation of Sci-Fi, philosophy, spirituality, and fantasy. It never once failed to impress me.

The book centres around one question. Is karma an integral part of humanity? And can humans still survive without Karma?

The book raises many questions and also manages to answer them as you progress further.

One can see that the authors had done thorough research on the book: The Story, the backstories of many characters, everything that makes this book worth reading is properly thought off and put in the book.

Author Abhishek is a good storyteller and one can see this in his narratives. It’s smooth like a flowing river connecting layers smoothly into an engaging read.

The language, though is a bit patchy. A little more work on the language was needed.

The worst thing about the book is its daunting size. A Hundred fewer pages and this book could have been an amazing read.

Certain things went against the book:

  • The size of the book
  • Language
  • And too many characters.

In the beginning, the pace of the story kind of felt slow. Maybe because of its character’s buildup. But as I ploughed on further into the story, it took a much faster pace.

The book left me speechless. At every turn of the page, I had to remind myself to breathe.

As you near the end, the story grips you into its clutches. And you’d want to know what’s going to happen next. The characters in the book are quite impressive. But memorizing too many characters becomes a daunting task.

But never mind us readers because when it comes to reading, we can cross many hurdles in a book.

Do I recommend this book?

Yes, Yes and Yes. If you don’t mind reading big books, then this book is for you. A perfect travel companion for a long trip. This book ‘Untruth, Untruth’, won’t fail to impress you.

It’s a 4 out of 5 stars read for me!

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