5 Things to remember when writing a book

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I have heard people say that writers have a natural talent to write and are born with the power of creativity. Well, I am living proof of the negation of this statement. Every child is creative and wants to keep exploring his or her surroundings. 

I recently published my first book, ‘Kathan: An Epitaph To Be Buried‘. You can check it out on Amazon. You won’t believe but it took me almost 1.5 years to get everything right. I will be letting you in on my secrets; 5 Things to remember when writing a book, which I learned in the past year. Had somebody disclosed these secrets earlier, I would have finished my book long ago. 

1. Consistently Jotting Down Ideas
5 Things to remember when writing a book

Thinking of an idea to write a book is considered to be a Herculean task. But let me tell you, it isn’t. When I began with the book, it was coming out to be a non-fiction one. I thought that I would just state the required facts and that’s it. As I started stating the facts, the book seemed to be empty. 

Nevertheless, I kept writing whatever came to my mind. After a while, I started becoming lazy and stopped writing. This is where I was wrong. Consistency is the only talent that is required for a person to develop and flourish in the world of writing or any form of art. 

Eventually, I understood that I had procrastinated far enough, and I again began writing 6 months later. This time, I was consistent. 

2. Develop Skills By Engaging In Writing Other Content
Develop Skills By Engaging In Writing Other Content - 5 Things to remember when writing a book

Improve your writing skills. I constantly improved my writing day in and day out. I created a free website on WordPress and started to write poems and stories so that I can improve my writing skills. Practice when combined with consistency can even bring down Goliath. 

Building your own website will establish your connection with your audience. People will start viewing you as a writer and eventually, this will help you a lot with your morale. You will get other’s 2 cents and reviews on your write-ups. This will dramatically help you in getting what your readers want to read. Eventually, you can incorporate such advice into your book. 

3. Take Care Of The Inconsistencies In The Plot

Writing a book cannot be done in a single day. One might take months to years and in that duration, it is impossible to keep track of every single minute detail. One might put certain pieces of the puzzle in the wrong place, which can hurt the plot overall. 

You need to be careful of such inconsistencies. Don’t use such complex names that you start forgetting them or misspell them. A budding editor might not be able to afford an editor and it would be a tedious task for you to edit yourself. But if you are self-publishing without any help, you need to stay focused on the plot, the characters, and their backstories as well. 

4. Stay Patient
5 Things to remember when writing a book

Don’t force yourself to write. You must stay patient during the whole process. There is a perfectly valid reason for this. If you grow impatient and start forcing yourself, the book will not be what you wanted it to be, you won’t be able to complete the journey without bruises. The task is completing the book but, with perfection. 

You should give it your best and not try to get it over with. This is a crucial aspect of writing. If you rush up, your mind won’t be able to focus and you will end up destroying your work. Remember to not impose your will on your creativity. 

5. Once Finished, Switch To Your Reader Self
5 Things to remember when writing a book

Read your book as if you are reading someone else’s book. It is important that you figure out all the details that you might be missing out on. Once you transform into your reader self, you will be able to drop inconsistencies and other mistakes that you might’ve made.

This last step is very important in finishing your book. You cannot expect the audience to understand everything that you throw at them and therefore, you need to explain everything that is happening in the book. Remember, you know how the story plays out, they don’t. 

Writing is always about consistency and practice. The more you do it, the more you get better with time. Dedicate yourself to this and turn this hobby into a passion. You might become the next bestseller after all. 

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5 Things to remember when writing a book. 5 Things to remember when writing a book. 5 Things to remember when writing a book. 5 Things to remember when writing a book.

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