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Dancers in the Dark by Ejaz Ahamad: Xenophobia through the Ages | Book Review

An antipathy that will make you sit back, mull, and wonder why colour is such a strongly held ground for discrimination even today, Dancers in the Dark by Ejaz Ahamad is a story that centres around the discrimination based on colour as well as all those so-called societal categories and stigmas that have been there for around centuries now. Yes, unfair behaviour against the LGBTQ+ community—that is what I am indicating here!

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Yellowface by Rebecca F. Kuang: Dive Into the Dark of Publishing Industry

Your writer friend just struck gold by signing a deal with Netflix for a TV adaptation. Could it get bigger? You both are busy celebrating over cocktails while she shows you her latest, unpublished work-unpublished one. And then she drops dead? What would you do? Yellowface by Rebecca F. Kuang is a revelation, exploring the sad travesty of the dark side of publishing industry

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