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प्यार और लालसा की एक मनोरम यात्रा: नितिन भगत द्वारा मुंतज़िर

मुंतजिर का मतलब है “इंतजार” जो जीवन का अभिन्न हिस्सा है। इस रचना की भाषा का चुनाव बहुत सुंदर है जो पाठको के दिलो पर छाप छोड़ती है। आप को  लेखक नितिन भगत की नवीनतम कृति “मुंतज़िर” पाठकों को अपने अनुभवों  के माध्यम से एक भावनात्मक रोलरकोस्टर सवारी पर ले जाती है।

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Mystical Narratives | Karishma Chhatrapati | Poetry Book Review

What if I told you that sometimes all that matters is one’s emotional well-being and state of mind, over all other things in the world? Indeed, a person’s mindset is what makes his life worthwhile and Mystical Narratives is a collection of poems that explores the well-being of our soul through its brilliantly penned conversations between moonlight and moonshine

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Banned from Shelves: Unveiling the Truth Behind the Milk and Honey Controversy

Ever tasted raw pain and yet felt powerful? Hmm, that is exactly what acceptance and growth are all about. To be able to come to terms with your nemesis in life and overcome all odds. Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur, a collection of cathartic modern-day micropoems, is much more than an assimilation of her wandering, meandering trysts with life; they are pieces of the whole journey she has candidly splayed on paper, transforming her pain into power through her pen.

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