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Book Review of Potpourri: A Motley Bunch of Long and Short Stories by Ranjit Kulkarni

Ever read a book which has tiny tales, each embedded in its own space, like a little moment encased perfectly waiting to be discovered as one of the ultimate truths of life? Potpourri by Ranjit Kulkarni is a collection of poignant short stories scattering slices of life extraordinary amidst the mundane ordinary, exploring life at arm’s length.

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I Choose Death. Every. Fucking. Time! by Aayush Sikhwal Is a Reflection Of How We Prioritize Death Every Single Time Over Life

What if I told you that you had the best chef employed, yet not a soul to share that meal with? Earning millions of dollars but still being lonely? I Choose Death. Every. Fucking. Time!: A collection of short stories on Smoking, Alcoholism, Religion, Love Marriage, L*st and The IIT-IIM Corporate World by Aayush Sikhwal is a collection of refreshing new stories which pores over life and its eventualities in a refreshing new manner

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