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Dan Brown’s Deception Point: A Masterclass in Suspenseful Storytelling

What if I told you proof of extraterrestrial life has been found buried right in the middle of the Arctic Circle, ready to thwart all logical chains of reasoning about ET? Exciting right? Well, it is or it ain’t is a matter of scientific expertise, being handled by Michael Tolland, Rachel Sexton and others in a race to find out the truth in Deception Point by Dan Brown, one of my favourite books by Brown.

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Mementos of Runjh by Nivedita Shukla: Discovering the Secrets of Runjh’s Mystical Royal Lands

So, what do you guys think is the one thing that upholds a family’s honour? Is it simply the expansion of one’s lineage and succession? Or does it also refer to the required bravery, valour, and, most importantly, equal, unbiased thinking?

Mementos of Runjh by Nivedita Ramendu Shukla is historical fiction with an element of freshness, thrills, and writing from a completely new perspective; this is a book truly for the royals and of the royals!

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Love in Europe – Burgundy Winters: In Europe by Pranay Patil, Pete Heyes and Nicola Peake

Want to go on an exploratory tour of Europe, to the best possible destinations, to the loveliest of places? Wait, there’s more! How about a tour guide who gives you the most candid details too? And not to forget a love story which has all the possible elements you could possibly imagine in a story. Yes, there is love, hatred, forgiveness, abuse as well as picturesqueness all rolled together in Burgundy Winters: In Europe by Pranay Patil, Pete Heyes and Nicola Peake.

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