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The First Scam: A Detailed Story Of Haridas Mundhra by Mahendra Arya: Understanding the Mundhra Scandal

The Mundhra Scam, in a nutshell, was all about how the Life Insurance Corporation of India was manipulated into buying shares worth almost Rs. 1.26 crores, of companies that were owned by Calcutta-based businessman Haridas Mundhra. Whilst the amount by itself was not very huge, what made this a major one was the fact that it was India’s first major financial fraud, one that involved bureaucrats and politicians too. The First Scam: A Detailed Story Of Haridas Mundhra by Mahendra Arya is a detailed narrative which not only describes the whole event in a detailed breakdown but also does so by providing viable, well-researched facts and data related to the same.

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Looking at Life Beyond Cancer-Feel to Heal: 11 Things I Wish I knew About Breast Cancer & Screening by Messy & Crazy Mo

What is the most painful thing about cancer? No, it is not the treatment—the chemotherapy, the chemo, radiation, or surgery. It is facing yourself and accepting yourself in all the thick and thin that comes after the ordeal you have been through. Perusing a slice of life, appreciating its valour through a review of Feel To heal by Messy & Crazy Mo

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