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Triansh & the Land of Immortals | Myst | Book Review

Picture this: you are on one of the highest peaks in the world and suddenly you get surrounded by fog. No way out, you are sure you are going to perish in it. Imagine a little blue man coming and saving your neck and you be like, now isn’t that Jaadu? Triansh & the Land of Immortals, a sci-fi tale by Myst is such a story that takes you on a thrilling ride into a realm of such fantastic sci-fi

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AI-Boon or Bane? – The Technical (T)Error by Rohit Kothari, a Book Review

AI (artificial intelligence) It’s the single most important technological advancement of our era and times, isn’t it?

Making things simplified as well as decoded, all at the touch of a finger. Life itself becomes a cakewalk thanks to the advent of AI, which has become a compulsive sort of companion, especially for Gen Z. And yet, uncannily enough, I want to ask you all today, Is it safe? Mingling with technology at such a high and humane level? So the question arises, is AI-Boon or Bane? – The Technical (T)Error by Rohit Kothari, a Book Review

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Loop: When Imagination Meets Technology: A Journey of Thrills and Terror

Embark on a gripping journey as we delve into the mind of a prolific creator who seamlessly blends art, martial arts, and storytelling. In this blog, explore the spine-chilling world of “Loop,” where imagination collides with technology, weaving a tale of thrills and terror. Join us as we unravel the mysteries of AI, psycho-thriller elements, and post-apocalyptic fiction, leaving you captivated and eager to explore the limitless boundaries of imagination and the human psyche. Get ready to be immersed in a world where reality and fiction converge in a breathtaking fusion of creativity and innovation.

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Captivating Imagination and Haunting Descriptions: Why ‘Loop’ is a Must-Read Thriller

All I see are the dead and those about to die, all gory, bloody, scaly, and horrendous. Writhing in pain and the travesty of human insecurities, Loop is William Kely McClung’s unparalleled foray as a sci-horror hybrid into fiction, like you have never experienced before. An uncanny dystopia, yet closer than ever before, to stark reality.

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Dan Brown’s Deception Point: A Masterclass in Suspenseful Storytelling

What if I told you proof of extraterrestrial life has been found buried right in the middle of the Arctic Circle, ready to thwart all logical chains of reasoning about ET? Exciting right? Well, it is or it ain’t is a matter of scientific expertise, being handled by Michael Tolland, Rachel Sexton and others in a race to find out the truth in Deception Point by Dan Brown, one of my favourite books by Brown.

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Beyond World’s End: The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

What if you have to flee the earth moments before it is about to shatter into a ball of nothingness and oblivion? Can you escape before destruction hits you too? A fantastic science fiction tackling the story of post-apocalyptic survival in a different space-time continuum, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams is one of the best books to read if you want your senses to romp away on a literary rigmarole.

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