The Apple: History’s greatest mystery. Mankind’s greatest theft. – Devashish Sardana

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We all know the story from the bible about the Garden of Eden and the forbidden fruit apple. Author Devashish takes us further on the same thought, what if the Garden of Eden and apple still exist? ‘The Apple‘ is a perfect blend of ancient and modern life and their related mysteries.

This is the story of Queen Azura and her sacrifice to fulfill her ancestors’ only mission, to safeguard Eden and tree of immortality from evil eyes of selfish outsider-humans.

On another side, Dr. Costello wants an apple from the tree of immortality. A team is given the job to find and steal from Sentinels – first homo sapiens who walk the earth.

One fateful night Queen Azura finds an intruder in Eden, a man with no memory and bullet wound in his head. But the larger concern is an apple is missing from Tree of immortality. Azura believes that intruder is the culprit but without his memories, she can’t find either apple or his true intentions.

To find apple, Azura has to join hands with an outsider but can she trust him? Outsider also has the same question can he trust Queen Azura or for that matter himself.

The Apple‘ is a unique concept novel with answers to our what-if questions about the Garden of Eden. Despite being the first novel by Author Devashish, this book is an imaginative creation.

“History’s greatest mystery. Mankind’s greatest theft”. This cover page beguiling tagline itself hints towards one more selfish reality of mankind.

However, while reading a few times language seems to be less naturalistic. Also, few twists were a little predictable but due to the unique concept, I didn’t mind it much.

My favorite character is Queen Azura who is a sharp, brave and responsible queen. Her dedication towards her people is admirable. On the other side, I detested the predictable character of Michelle. This novel can easily qualify for movie or TV series rights as there is a tremendous scope of thriller entertainment.

Overall, I would rate this mystery and adventure novel 3.75 out of 5.

Also, I will be looking forward to the next book as there was a definite hint towards the next part.

The Apple by Devashish Sardana - History's greatest mystery. Mankind's greatest theft.

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About the Author

Devashish Sardana
Devashish Sardana

Devashish Sardana is the acclaimed author of 10×10 Thrills, a Facebook and Instagram blog where he writes 100 Word Thriller books for his fast-growing community of 75,000+ followers. Devashish is a small-town boy from India who grew up with big dreams and an even bigger imagination. After graduating from the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIM-A), he sharpened his storytelling skills as a brand builder in a Fortune 100 company for 8+ years. Devashish lives in Singapore with his wife and college sweetheart, Megha. He currently flits across the globe selling hope in a jar (beauty creams).

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