Why I hated reading Shaming of Diya by Anuj Tikku | Book Review

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Shaming of Diya

Suditi Gupta



It was one of my worst read of 2021


Shaming of Diya by Aunj Tikku was a horrible reading experience. I just read 50% of it and then I HAD TO STOP. Let me tell you why:

The story begins with Tanuj (he is called a writer and works in the
entertainment industry) who is arrested by the police for circulating a naked video of himself and shaming an actress Diya; the person who filed the FIR. He and Diya were in a relationship in the past and for some reason Diya left him (I didn’t finish the book, I don’t know the reason). And for vengeance, Tanuj goes to the internet and posts what is called ‘Revenge Porn’. The story follows what happens next.

I don’t have anything against the concept of the book. These are the topics
which should be written more about for awareness amongst the young
generation. But what the author did here was make a total joke of it. The
characters of the book don’t care or are even ashamed about what they did.
The book revolves around the concept of “Money is all what matters” and
you can fall to anything for it.

The LANGUAGE. Oh my god, I have not read anything so disgusting. I felt
ashamed just by READING IT! The author has mixed languages and used the
dirtiest of slangs. The chapter names were slangs! The book was not edited
at all. In short, it was terrible.

I hope I don’t read anything like this ever again.

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