Butterfly Effect and Other Short Stories | Prachi Saxena | Book review

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Butterfly Effect and Other Short Stories

Suditi Gupta



Stories that speak to us. They are the reflection of our lives.


Butterfly Effect and Other Short Stories by Prachi Saxena is a beautiful collection of 7 short stories that spoke to me quite literally. I feel somewhat sad whenever a book doesn’t connect when I like everything about it but something is still amiss. That something is the bond in between. But with this truly amazing book, I felt so connected; it resonated with me so well.⁣

All the seven stories are based on the theme that how the smallest of thing in our life has a much bigger, sometimes huge impact in the coming future; or everything that’s happening now is a consequence of something that we did in the past. The stories are all crafted beautifully, my favourite being the Midsummer Noon. The sheer innocence in the characters touched me.⁣

The book is a small one with each story about four to five pages long. I don’t enjoy reading short stories much, as again, it’s hard to connect with them in the short span. But this collection took me by surprise. The writing, narrative, how the stories were presented, I enjoyed it all. The author did an amazing job and if I were to give it a rating, then it’s a solid 4 star.⁣

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