6 Web series to binge watch with kids this summer

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Well, well. Last year flew by like a sky rocket and here we are, on the threshold of Summer 2021. Isn’t that wonderful?!! C’mon, don’t be a killjoy, it most definitely is!! Summers are new beginnings, happy spirits, tons of ice-creams, litres of lemonades and all the awesome, joyful things.

And yes, how can I forget the happy-family time?! Playing board games, going on vacations or just staying together and watching a movie; there’s nothing more delightful than spending some quality time with your family.

To add a little more fun to this, here’s a specially curated list of 6 web series tobinge watch with kids this summer:

Sabrina: The Teenage Witch:
6 Web series to binge watch with kids this summer - Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Sabrina The Teenage Witch is an American sitcom which comprises of 7 seasons. First released in 1996, it follows the story of a young teenage girl, namely Sabrina, who also happens to be a witch. She learns to use her powers while living with her aunts, who are also witches. It is based on a 1960s comic book series and is loads of fun to watch with your family.

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Alexa and Katie:
6 Web series to binge watch with kids this summer - Alexa & Katie

Alexa and Katie is a 4 season sitcom which shows the difficulties faced by teens in high-school. But it isn’t just high-school for Alexa, its cancer too. And Alexa’s problem is Katie’s problem. Watch how these two girls fight together against odds. It’s a beautiful and fun depiction of true friendship, which you can’t miss at any chance.

Anne With an E:
6 Web series to binge watch with kids this summer - Anne With An E

Anne with an E is a reinterpretation of the classic children’s book series Anne of Green Gables written by Lucy Montgomery. Anne is an orphan who has lived as a servant before being placed in an orphanage. Matthew and Marilla, a brother and sister, adopt her and Anne’s life, along with the others on the island changes. The show spans over 3 seasons. This coming-of-age, beautiful story is a must-watch.

Modern Family:
6 Web series to binge watch with kids this summer - Modern Family

Modern Family is an American family sitcom which was first released in 2009 and ran for a total of 11 seasons, ending in 2020. The show features the lives of three families in California dealing with their day-to-day lives. Children running wild, askew families; Modern family is hilarious and a fun-to-watch thing with your loved ones.

6 Web series to binge watch with kids this summer - Psych

Pysch is an eight season comedy-drama show in which Shawn, a young guy with his exceptional observation and memory skills becomes a criminal consultant for the police. Claiming that he has psychic powers, he helps solving multiple investigations with his reluctant but helping friend Gus.

Stranger Things:
6 Web series to binge watch with kids this summer - Stranger Things

Stranger Things won the hearts of young and adults alike when it was first released in 2016. This sci-fi, horror show presents the best friendships, absolutely mind-boggling plots and amazing graphics. It is a small town story, where a group of friends find a telekinetic girl. Though it must be noted that Stranger Things is a bit gory and may not be appropriate for really young watchers.

Our list ends here but do let us know your favourite family show!!

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