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Life, off-late, has been all about stress. And with stress comes depression. Life is difficult and everything that happens to us, happens in superlative. Emotional stress, work stress, it can be chaotic. You think you find reprieve in meditation and you do that but a few days on and you feel it isn’t working out anymore. Insomnia follows. You stay awake all night looking at the ceiling, killing thoughts, counting sheeps or stars but stress doesn’t go away. You go to a pub, think of getting a life but a ping from your boss about the “presentations tomorrow!” pulls off that smile from your face. Weekend doesn’t crawl. It is speeds past you like a bullet train and you are left with the mundane. How then do you cope with stress in such times, when every where I see is Coronavirus?

I have been going through an emotional chaos so much that I stopped talking to my friends, cut off my social media and went into a shell. I, then pinged a small group of friends, and one of my friends told me to “take help.” I have come out of clinical depression and I know how disturbing things can be. It was a hell hole and I didn’t wish to go back in that black hole. You find this article here because I have been able to get over the stress. How did I destress? I will list down 7 Ways to live a Stress free life in Coronavirus times


The mistake I did was not talk. I shut myself off and that’s not right. You need to vent your anger, your anxiety, your thoughts – good or bad, doesn’t matter. JUST SPEEAK UP. Half of your stress is because your thoughts sit in there, in your head and mess up the wiring within.


Writing helps a lot. But what to write? These days people journal. You can check the videos online wherein there are exclusive channels about journaling. How to journal is simple. Write your thoughts in this notebook you keep. You may write two lines or an entire essay or may abuse your managers but do it! It helps.

Take up a hobby

Take up a hobby. Any hobby. You may wanna check out dashing car every weekend in a nearby mall or take painting lessons or go cycling or just fill in the adult coloring books. 10 minutes everyday or 30 minutes every weekend, doesn’t matter, as long as you get to unwind.


I am a voracious reader and a book if my comfort food. [I go by the name @book_gobbler on Instagram, you may want to follow me for all the book recommendations 😉 ] Reading helps take your mind off the things around you. Immerse yourself in a fantasy world or a nail biting thriller or spine chilling horror or a general fiction – up to you!


I hate rains because all my walk routine becomes kaput during monsoons. I am a better person when I am walking, I always say that. Walking is exercise, yes. But more than that it helps release mood-boosting endorphins. There are multiple other benefits of walking but let’s stick to this one for now.


If you can’t find 10 minutes from your busy schedule for walks, (this taunt is from me to me :P), then you ought to try Balasana. This is done by taking a child like pose, that helps you relax and destress. Check this video to get a clear picture https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MJGg-dUKh0


The first thing that helps me heal is music. It is my first aid when I am stressing out. Contemporary Bollywood, Trance, Retro, it all depends on my mood but music heals faster, at least it puts the healing process in a gear one.

Lastly, I would like to tell you all a simple fact – money, position, fame – and everything else you are running after is temporary and perishable. What is permanent is you. And what is important is how you treat yourself and those around you – that is here to stay. So while keeping yourself sane is important, it is also equally important to make sure that you don’t drown yourself in these luxuries so much that getting out is impossible.

Stay Home. Stay Safe and binge-watch loads of series:

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