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An internationally accredited book blogger, voracious reader and the founder of Booxoul, one of India’s leading book and lifestyle blogs, Neelam is a person with a penchant for bringing out the best in people. A website designer, a renowned book blogger and a leading creative influencer on Instagram, here is a lady who is candid, closer to life and sensitive to the softest of emotions… A Book Blogger, Reviewer, a true friend, honest critique, a relentless benefactor and more…

LockTheBox in Bengaluru: A Book Fair More Like a Literary Festival

Love reading and hoarding the best of titles all at once, but don’t want to burn your pockets too? No problem. Lock the Box is here, a literary festival where you can pick and choose books to your heart’s content and that too for throwaway competitive pricing
Having attended its earlier iteration in the city, LockTheBox is a carnival for all the bibliophiles out there, like me. With its upcoming edition already promising to be a much bigger and more worthwhile outing for the brand, book lovers in Bengaluru can rest assured that their literary appetite will be more than just

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The Molki Bride by Mrs Claire is a Sensual Treat for All Dark Romance Fans | a Book Review

Did you know that the practice of Molki Bride AKA Paro is so common in the Northern states, that more than 30% of the female population are bought brides? So, basically, an infection worse than even COVID which at least has a preventive vaccine, this vice here has none. A story of such a bride and her trysts with fate, this one is a dark romance which borders on strange toxic love too. The Molki Bride by Mrs Claire is an eye-opener in many ways.

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