The Unconventional Journey: Exploring ‘A Thing Called Destiny’ with ibhartiyawriter

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Author Spotlight: ibhartiyawriter, writer of ‘A Thing Called Destiny’

You know, in recent times, there have been few books that do more than just depict love. I mean, there are rare works that celebrate it, showing us the true meaning of its significance, especially in Indian culture and value systems. A Thing Called Destiny by ibhartiyawriter is a timeless tale of love and a truly selfless depiction of love in its pure, compassionate, and unfiltered form. Sharing some interesting trivia related to the writer behind this brilliant romantic fiction-ibhartiyawriter.

Yes, a thing called destiny indeed exists that ensures that if you genuinely desire something with all your heart and it is meant to develop you into something better than what you are now, the universe will conspire to manifest it in your reality. This always works, aka “Sadaiiva”.

Hmm, I’m wondering what’s up with me discussing the intricacies of true love and dedication today. Well, I have to take some time out and tell you guys about this amazing romantic story I recently read called “A Thing Called Destiny” by this fabulous author under the pseudonym -ibhartiyawriter. This fabulous story revolving around Vinay and Vidushi explores true love and its threshold, having embedded it in a pure form, traditionally influenced by our dharmic traditions, and that too with a modern flavour.

Having enjoyed the book and the story immensely, I had to dig in and explore a bit more about the writer and his vision behind this wonderful tale of love and companionship that had me mesmerized.

I happened to discover and find out a bit more about his background, so today allow me to highlight and spotlight a writer for you whose brilliant vision and captivating style of writing have me smitten since he has managed to fuse our traditional dharmic cultural heritage values pertaining to love and companionship in a manner so as to give it a modern, refreshing new age look, making sure to create a fine balance between both.

Through the story of Vinay and Vidushi, the writer has tried to showcase the relevance of Dharmic customs to tackle the relationship issues people face in today’s times. What had me bowled over completely was the sensitivity with which he portrayed the characters, enshrouding the entire setup with a modern flavour and yet ensuring that the Dharmic customs and cultural heritage values are given equal weightage and importance at the same time.

Yes, it is a fact, especially in India, that when a guy uses the term culture or traditions,” he is labeled as an orthodox, communal, as well as old-fashioned person. But as ibhartiyawriter has very rightly elucidated on this one, we cannot be so ignorant that we dismiss customs without even attempting to know what they are just because they don’t have a Western origin. This is the very thing that compels us to run behind other things, which are often Western practices, habits, and cultures.

And this is where our author, ibhartiyawriter comes in. He clarifies that he does not see this as an aversion, nor is he unopen to ideas and suggestions from the West; rather, he simply feels that there is a lot that Dharmic tradition has to offer, right from contemporary times, by way of problem-solving, which is what he has tried to highlight through this work of his.

Enlightening a bit about his background, he candidly shares that since his father was in the armed forces, having grown up and gotten educated under the shade and guided discipline of such an esteemed background, certain characteristics get naturally imbibed. He further gives credit to this background and education for giving him confidence, adaptability, a great problem-solving approach, and a great sense of discipline.

The multilingual experiences that came as a result of this tryst are naturally contributing to his understanding of the concept of unity in diversity. Elucidating the same with a brilliant example, he explains it as follows:

During ancient or medieval times, a person from the central Hindu belt of the country wouldn’t have visited the southern states at all and might not even have known that languages like Tamil or Telugu existed. And yet, when you consider the word for “person” in different languages:

  • In Hindi, it is Manushya.
  • In Tamil, it is Manushan
  • In Telugu, it is Manushi.

So it’s almost similar, right? That is because people in both of these places believed that they were descendants of Manu.

Thus, had there been no cultural interactions or common sources between these Aryan and Dravidian languages, how is it that the words are so similar? Hmm, superb argument, I’d say.

And that is not all. Having been brought up in a multi-cultural environment, he has come up with a 31-part series called Lets Know Bharat, a series of YT videos where he posts short reels to explain his learnings and travel experiences in an effective manner.

Ask him about his inspiration for turning into a writer, and he instantly names Adv. J. Sai Deepak and Ms Palki Sharma Upadhyay. Being an engineer too, by profession, he elucidates that in recent times, checking out their views has really helped him as well as inspired and gotten out the storyteller, which has brought such wonderful characters as Vinay, Vidushi, Neha, Anvesh, Saloni, Col. Jagan, and such others to our lives, brightening it with their valour, positivity, clarity of thought, and most importantly, the love and compassion that is what makes A Thing Called Destiny a cut above many others.

A story that splays love for what love truly is all about and what it imbibes, this one here is a brilliant work of romance, which is not only a subtle ode to India’s dharmic tradition and heritage with respect to relationship and companionship but a story that will make you fall in love with itself. And if you guys want to know some more about ibhartiyawriter, the brilliant mind behind this fabulous story, nip onto this link here and discover some more about this “Fauji brat”, this grateful being…

P.S. He loves Harry Potter, huh? So don’t think he detests Western ideologies; he is here to show us the Indian roots that actually epitomize values much more intensely than Western ones.

So, I hope you guys liked my little virtual tete-a-tete with ibhartiyawriter.

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Adios Amigos! 

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