A thrilling read – Book review of Codename: Specter by Karthik C and Shivam Jayant

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Codename: Specter

Neelam Sharma, Booxoul

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Major Alok Kumar Goel, a troubled soldier falls from grace, buried in perpetual turmoil, looking eagerly at death. 
A naive and frustrated reporter, Anwar Ali Khan yearns for lost love and foregone justice.

Looking at redemption and retribution, the SPECTER arises who, aided by the reluctant reporter, uncovers an international conspiracy carefully strategized by an ominous target.
A story of espionage where the readers juggernaut from the beautiful yet bloodied valleys of Kashmir, the torrid shores of Karachi, the seedy underbelly of Dubai and treacherous deserts of Afghanistan, culminating in a race against time to safeguard humanity.


Codename: Specter, co-written by Karthik C and Shivam Jayant is a crime-espionage book. The story is an about an Indian army personnel, who after going through a traumatic incident is broken into a million pieces. Broken so much that he has lost all his emotions and is swimming deep in the desire of revenge. 

To channelize his rampant energy, he is recruited by the secret services and used as a deadly weapon against the terrorists. There are other characters; a young local of Kashmir who has witnessed terrible things happening to loved ones; the antagonist who has past scores to settle with the people of India.

The story idea was so amazing, so good. The only disappointment, the book was just too short for such a good plot; 100 pages didn’t do justice to it. The book could have easily been stretched into about 300 pages. I was craving for more details, more action.

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The reading experience would have been better with a little improvement in the language and avoiding some editing mistakes. And again, with elaboration. I really wanted more of it.

Well, the author took care of it by ending the book in a cliffhanger (with me screaming)

To the authors: I am expecting a sequel soon. It better be LONG.

All the very best to both of them. I am really looking forward to reading the next book.

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