A Week With Enya by Amar B Singh

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“Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings, it takes its origin from emotions recollected in tranquility”

Truer words! Don’t you agree? 

I have always turned to Poetries, whenever I have felt depressed or for some reason down. Poetries, I felt have impacted me on some deeper ways. They have always managed to leave their imprints on my subconscious mind, soothing and at the same time healing me. Amar B. Singh’s ‘A Week with Enya’, collection of some of the beautiful poetries is one such book that made its place in my heart.

Wrought with emotions, this collection of poetries speaks of father’s experience with his autistic daughter, that I won’t be forgetting soon. Author Amar has poured his heart out into these poetries. Poetries, that taught me many valuable lessons; I learned that every breath we take is a lesson in itself, I also learned life is to live every moment lovingly. 

Poems I liked the most

Some of the poems like Fear Clipped My Wings, The Deep Lake, Fitting Her In My Society, The Nature of Being and etc, spoke to some or the other part of my life. Reading these poems were like a movie, continuously running in my head; I smiled, I cried and I rejoiced.

Written Style

I was in thrall of Amar’s writing style. Each poetry, it seemed told me tales of untold emotions. Beautifully written, binding me to the essence of author’s emotions.

The Language, I must say was in itself is a poetry to the the heart and music to the soul. The emotions that seeped through these poetries were poignant. They touched my soul and I felt like I was literally walking through different stages of life and living them. 

Should you read it?

Of course, You should. I highly recommend this book ‘A Week With Enya’ to every poetry readers. This is an experience, you wouldn’t want to miss.

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