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An internationally accredited book blogger, voracious reader and the founder of Booxoul, one of India’s leading book and lifestyle blogs, Neelam is a person with a penchant for bringing out the best in people. A website designer, a renowned book blogger and a leading creative influencer on Instagram, here is a lady who is candid, closer to life and sensitive to the softest of emotions… A Book Blogger, Reviewer, a true friend, honest critique, a relentless benefactor and more…

The Booker Prize Shortlist: Western Lane by Chetna Maroo, a Book Review

How does it feel when you lose a loved one? Life seems to just dissipate in pieces, isn’t it? Or is it more like you seem to compartmentalize and live, a piece at a time because you have been blown into countless smithereens at the loss of their lives, ain’t it? Brutally out but elementally true, Western Lane by Chetna Maroo is a coming-of-age novella that explores much more than sisterhood, grief and the turnstiles of the funny journey called life.

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Parenting Tales | Anju Dhawan | Book Review

How do you wish there was a cosmic signboard in front of you every time you were stuck on important decision-making for your child and needed guidance? Or what if there was something to help you and steer you towards the right path when you struggled with the different aspects of parenting at various stages of your child’s life? Parenting Tales by Anju Dhawan is a collection of 12 such stories that discuss the nuances of parenting uniquely and engagingly through these heartwarming tales

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AI-Boon or Bane? – The Technical (T)Error by Rohit Kothari, a Book Review

AI (artificial intelligence) It’s the single most important technological advancement of our era and times, isn’t it?

Making things simplified as well as decoded, all at the touch of a finger. Life itself becomes a cakewalk thanks to the advent of AI, which has become a compulsive sort of companion, especially for Gen Z. And yet, uncannily enough, I want to ask you all today, Is it safe? Mingling with technology at such a high and humane level? So the question arises, is AI-Boon or Bane? – The Technical (T)Error by Rohit Kothari, a Book Review

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Transitional Outfits: From Maternity to Postpartum Elegance

Ever wondered which is the trickiest pursuit to be achieved for a woman? Call it dressing up or rather dressing right and comfy to achieve the best possible looks from maternity to postpartum elegance. From providing comfort to coming across as the perfect choice, women’s cotton dresses are the answer to all clothing qualms. The comfort, style and ease which cotton dresses provide are something which have been celebrated universally and univocally. Presenting the timeless women’s cotton dresses

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Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto: A Profound Connection Between Food, Grief, and the Human Spirit

In the realm of contemporary literature, there exists a treasure trove of novels that transcend the ordinary, touching the deepest corners of the human soul. One such gem is Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto. Originally published in 1988, this novella has captivated readers around the world with its lyrical prose, emotional depth, and exploration of the profound connection between food, grief, and the human spirit.

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