15 Best Upcoming New Releases in October 2023 on Otts

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OTT is a platform where you can not only catch up on the latest new releases of movies but also exciting web series and all sorts of content that is fun, entertaining, intense, emotional and takes you on a true roller coaster. From web series to dramas to Bollywood as well as other flicks, OTTs are something we all access. So, here we are, with the 15 best upcoming new releases in October 2023 on OTTs.

Hash!!! September is almost over. And what a month it has been! Full of hustle and bustle. Brilliant events, awesome book launches, and the most sought-after festival of the year—Gangeshotsav I always feel this one month has so much to offer that I am always mesmerized by the splay of colours, the spray of emotions, and the life and celebration it holds.

And yet, can we survive without our usual dose of the best possible content to watch on OTTs? Nah, nada says me, you are a completely reliable dost for the best recommendations, be it books, entertainment, lifestyle, travel or any other. So, let’s jump straight to it, shall we?

Here is a list of the 15 best upcoming new releases in October 2023 on OTTs:



A spy thriller film by Vishal Bharadwaj, based on Amar Bhushan’s espionage novel Escape to Nowhere, this one stars Tabu, Ali Fazal and Wamiqa Gabbi. Tabu here has been assigned to track down the mole selling India’s defence secrets while also struggling with her dual identity as a spy as well as a lover. Releasing on October 5, 2023.

Loki Season 2


This one picks up in the aftermath of the previous season’s finale, when Loki finds himself in a battle for the soul of the Time Variance Authority. Along with Mobius, Hunter B 15 and a mix of new as well as old characters, Loki navigates the ever-expanding multiverse in his search for Sylvie, Judge Renslayer, and Miss Minutes, as well as free will and a glorious purpose. Releasing on October 6, 2023.



When a young woman agrees to marry a handsome prince, she soon realizes it is a trap. Being thrown into a cave with a fire-breathing dragon, she must rely solely on her wits to survive, along with her sheer will and strength of character. A fantasy film, this one will be released on October 13, 2023.

Sultan of Delhi


One more gem from the gangster drama universe of Milan Luthria, he has made his series debut this time. Showcasing a Delhi of the 1960s, it paints a fascinating world of gangsters with sheer powerplay, political mind games, betrayal and ambition amidst guns and gung-ho’s. There is enough glamour to keep you hooked. Releasing on 13,2023.

Kaala Paani


When a mysterious illness descends upon the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, a desperate fight for survival collides with a race to find a cure for the same. Showcasing the survival of characters who are all trying to escape the wrath of nature as the vast sea also confines them for thousands of kilometers. A true battle of sorts between humans and nature, this one was released on November 13, 2023.

Gadar 2

Zee 5

Based against the backdrop of the previous Gadar movie, this one is set during the Indo-Pak war of 1971, when Tara Singh returns to Pakistan to bring his son Charanjeet back home. The usual Sunny Deol-toned action flick, this one is releasing on October 6, 2023.

Oh My God 2

Jio Cinema

Jio Cinema: The long-awaited sequel to the Hindi satirical comedy-drama “Oh My God” is finally coming, and Akshay Kumar looks as divine as Shiva, and I just cannot keep calm! Continuing its captivating narrative, this one skillfully intertwines drama and satire, provoking insights into matters of religion and human nature. Can’t wait!

Zara Hatke Zara Bachke

Jio Cinema

Following the story of a couple who want a house of their own, away from their family, and use the Indian Government’s flagship program Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) to get it, this one is all things amusing and fun. With a funny plot and good pace and music, catch this one on Jio Cinema.

Dream Girl 2


A sequel to the 2019 flick, this one follows the story of Ayushmann Khurana, who is a successful voice artist for female characters. However, his life gets turned upside down when his secrets are revealed. It is a hilarious riot of fun and emotions; catch this one in October 2023.

Tumse Na Ho Payega


Man, every young guy and gal needs to watch this movie. It revolves around a young man who decides to give up his usual 9-to-5 desk job and start up his own business with a few of his best friends. Despite facing many hardships and troubles, he is determined to prove that he can be a successful entrepreneur. Releasing on September 29, 2023.

Launchpad Season 2


This one will feature an ensemble of live-action shorts being helmed by a new generation of passionate filmmakers. This season will showcase the work of six writers, 5 directors and one writer-director belonging to underrepresented backgrounds. A platform for them to showcase their true talent and creativity. Releasing on September 29, 2023.



Pregnant, alone and drifting in the sea, a woman trapped in a shipping container tries to survive after fleeing a devastated totalitarian country. Now, that is my favourite kind of watch, you guys! Releasing on September 29, 2023.

Gen V

Amazon Prime Video

A spin-off of “The Boys” series, this superhero saga revolves around YA superheroes who are sent to take up royal challenges at the Godolkin University School of Crimefighting, operated by Vought International. A YA you must not miss at any cost. Releasing on September 29, 2023.

Sympathy for the Devil

Lionsgate Play

This one revolves around what happens to a taxi driver when he is interrupted by an unwelcome passenger and held at gunpoint one night. A thriller you simply cannot miss, starring Nicholas Cage, this one will be available on September 29, 2023.

Ice Cold Murder, Coffee and Jessica Wongso


This documentary talks about the trial of Jessica Wongso, who was accused of murdering her best friend by adding cyanide to her coffee. Now, that is what I call awesome thrills and chills, right? Streaming from September 28, 2023

So, these were the 15 best upcoming new releases in October 2023 on OTT’s. Ready to bookmark them and binge-watch your picks? Stay tuned with us right here at Booxoul for the best in the fields of entertainment, food, fashion, fun, finance, travel, tech and all things bookish.

Adios Amigos!

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