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Content Writer, Poet, Fiction Writer and a bundle of mystique, Rekha Bhagtani is a person who believes that writing is a true escapade one can get from this ruthless, mortal world. Not only is writing and reading therapeutic but also a complete life-altering experience for her, one she longs to revel and dive in every day, far from the clandestine of today, into the unknown, unexplored realms of something new every time. Coming soon with her second book, a fiction where time travel meets romance in a fun manner, thanks to mythology. Confused? Keep watching this space… Follow on Instagram @rekha.bhagtani

10 Classic Romance Books to Read This Valentine’s Day

How about a good ol’ cuppa of hot chocolate and some cute snuggles this Valentine’s Day? Nah, I don’t mean to be naughty, I mean how about grabbing some true self-love this season and retiring with a book as the day unwinds itself to the beauty of the moon? Umm, never mind I am all mushy coz here are 10 Classic Romance books to read this Valentine’s Day

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Neuralink: Human Trials Begin—A Look at the Future of Brain-Computer Interfaces

Picture this paralyzed person being able to do whatever he wants to. And that too, without depending on another being? Independently. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Or rather sounds fantastic right? Nah, this is happening as you read this: Telepathy controlling our devices and enabling us to do all with just the power of our thoughts and minds! Neuralink: Human Trials Begin—A Look at the Future of Brain-Computer Interfaces

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10 Takeaways From ‘The Secret’ for Successful Manifestation in Life

Ever wondered about the buzz surrounding ‘manifestation’? It’s everywhere, from videos to reels. But are you still figuring out how to tap into this incredible force we all possess without seeking it elsewhere? Ready to unleash the power and transform your life? If success has been elusive, today’s your day! Dive into our article 10 Takeaways From ‘The Secret’ for Successful Manifestation in Life

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Social Media Storm: Analyzing the Modi-Maldives-Lakshadweep Saga and its Ripple Effects on Tourism, Diplomacy, and Public Perception

Dive into the intriguing Modi-Maldives-Lakshadweep saga that started as a simple post and escalated into a social media storm. Explore the diplomatic fallout, controversies, and the unexpected support from Bollywood. Uncover the complexities surrounding this incident and its impact on tourism and bilateral relations. Stay tuned for a comprehensive analysis of the unfolding drama on Booxoul – your go-to source for the latest in entertainment, travel, and international affairs.

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Unveiling the 20 Most Anticipated Reads of 2024: A Bookworm’s Delight

There was the thrilling Yellowface by Rebecca F Kuang on one side, whilst there was the indulging Happy Place by Emily Henry on the other. There was The Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros and also Eleanor Catton by Birnam Wood, Booker’s laureates like The Bee Sting, The Prophet Song, Study for Obedience and many other gems. As 2024 is here, we the true bibliophiles cannot keep calm! So, presenting the 20 most anticipated books we cannot wait for in 2024, A Bookworm’s Delight

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Purane Pipal Ka Jinn | Anuj Tikku | Book Review

Did you know about the ancient mysticism of the Pipal trees? Well, they are supposed to be an abode of Lord Vishnu and are touted to have medicinal as well as holistic benefits. There is, of course, a lot of superstition attached to its significance too. Want to delve into the story of an actor who got on the wrong side of these superstitions? Read on to discover Purane Pipal ka Jinn by actor Anuj Tikku, a horror thriller set to blow your mind

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