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Content Writer, Poet, Fiction Writer and a bundle of mystique, Rekha Bhagtani is a person who believes that writing is a true escapade one can get from this ruthless, mortal world. Not only is writing and reading therapeutic but also a complete life-altering experience for her, one she longs to revel and dive in every day, far from the clandestine of today, into the unknown, unexplored realms of something new every time. Coming soon with her second book, a fiction where time travel meets romance in a fun manner, thanks to mythology. Confused? Keep watching this space… Follow on Instagram @rekha.bhagtani

Zoomin: One Stop for Personalized Gifts and Memories

Do you also struggle, like me, to think of gifting ideas, especially for your loved ones? Always confused as to what will appeal to your family, friends, and even those whom you wish to gift on any occasion? No worries; Zoomin is here with the best range of gifts from
mood boards, canvas prints, quirky, customized frames, acrylic prints, photobooks, desk calendars, bags and pouches, mugs, stationery, kids storybooks, and even chocolates. Presenting a bit more about Zoomin your one-stop for personalized gifts and memories

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5 Reasons Why Durjoy Dutta Is the “Shah Rukh Khan” of Indian Romance Fiction

One of India’s most prolific writers of commercial romance fiction, Durjoy Dutta’s success in the romance trope is not unknown. It takes much more than his dimpled smile, his wide-eyed charm, and his simplicity and exuberance of persona to charm the millions of fans who wait desperately each time for his next work. Hence, today we bring you 5 reasons why Durjoy Dutta is the “Shahrukh Khan” of Indian romance fiction

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Are You Okay? What if I Tell You That You Are Not Okay

Are You Okay? What if I tell you that you are not okay? I mean to say that you may be doing extremely well in your education, career, or profession, and yet you may have often felt that empty shell kind of feeling akin to being down the dumps of sorts, as if all happiness and life seem to have been sucked out of your life and what you are doing, even though the targets you are trying to reach are of no use or avail. In such a scenario, presenting a ray of sunshine for your dark clouds, aka intentional living, is the next step to holistic, healthy mental well-being.

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Happy Birthday Harry Potter: 5 Life Lessons From Harry Potter Books

Did you know that on July 31st every year, Potterheads all over the world get together to host HP movie marathons, make Hogwarts-inspired snacks, hold all sorts of HP quizzes and fun-filled trivia sessions, and throw HP-themed parties while reading the books alongside? As one more year goes by, let us today, along with celebrating the birthday of one of modern literature’s favourite characters, also take a look at five essential life lessons from Harry Potter books

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8 Rules of Love: How to Find It, Keep It, and Let It Go | Jay Shetty | Book Review

So, what is love, then, according to you? Simply something that defines you as a person? Nope, you too have to define and follow the rules if you wish to find them, keep them, and do so for life. Join us today, as we dive into 8 Rules of Love: How to Find It, Keep It, and Let It Go by Jay Shetty, a book that has completely changed my perception of love and its intricacies

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