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Content Writer, Poet, Fiction Writer and a bundle of mystique, Rekha Bhagtani is a person who believes that writing is a true escapade one can get from this ruthless, mortal world. Not only is writing and reading therapeutic but also a complete life-altering experience for her, one she longs to revel and dive in every day, far from the clandestine of today, into the unknown, unexplored realms of something new every time. Coming soon with her second book, a fiction where time travel meets romance in a fun manner, thanks to mythology. Confused? Keep watching this space… Follow on Instagram @rekha.bhagtani

Drishyam 2 Movie Review: A Box Office Blockbuster All Set to Rule the Silver Screen

Yet another remake of a non-Hindi movie, this one is surely a great fusion of a brilliant plot, logic as well as emotion along with the perfect set of thrills to accentuate this cinematic venture. Drishyam 2, Ajay Devgn’s latest is a movie which manages to tick the right boxes as far as acting, plot, precision and overall performance are concerned. Can Ajay Devgn deliver the thriller of the year?

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10 Best Romance Webtoons That Give You All the Feels

Here I am again with the 10 best romance webtoons that give you all the feels. But before that let me tell you what Webtoons are. Well, they are basically webcomics full of not only Korean content comics but also manga as well as multiple genres such as fantasy, a slice of life, drama, etc are the latest go-to in case you want to catch up on great stories as well as beautiful art on the go. So, here we are, starting a recommendation series today.

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Clever Harvey-JuniorMBA: An Initiative Preparing Young Minds for their Ideal Dream Career and Education Abroad

Want your child to be a part of the best possible company or education abroad when he grows up? Do you see him as a part of say PUMA, INFINITY CARS, Taj and other amazing brands? Nowadays, being exposed to the internet, with just a few clicks you have a host of options to choose from as far as educational programs are concerned.

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