Book review Marraige in the Time of Corona by Arbind Bhatia

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Marraige in the Time of Corona

Neelam Sharma, Booxoul



A beautiful love story that crosses every hurdle that comes it way…


Yes. “Amazing” is the right word to use to describe the book Marriage in the Time of Corona. An unconventional story in a not-so-unconventional setting, Marriage in the Time of Corona is a wonderful novella with a very extensive style of writing.

The first reason why I loved reading Marriage in the Time of Corona was the length. The sheer briefness of the plot is what captivated me the most. Well, I was more curious, because I wanted to see how the author fits in such an offbeat theme in a mere 100+ pages. And the author does not disappoint at all. Marriage in the Time of Corona narrates the marriage preparations of two families (duh) during the Covid-19 pandemic in India, and the book captures the crisis with such brilliance that I am amazed. From my personal experience, I have witnessed firsthand the troubles and challenges of organising a wedding ceremony during the pandemic. For the typical five-day Indian wedding, there are a lot of events and rituals to abide by for the auspicious ceremony. Whether it is selecting the right bridal dress or the perfect banquet for the celebrations, it is a dream for some Indian families to have “the” perfect wedding. However, the pandemic has taught us the harsh side of life and it did not spare the weddings either. The author, therefore, mirrors the challenges of the same in Marriage in the Time of Corona with such realism and accuracy that I could most certainly relate to them myself. This is exactly how books should be – where you can respond to the book with your emotions and introspect about it at the same time.

Also, the characterisation deserves special mention. Marriage in the Time of Corona has a cast of round characters, each of whom are indispensable to the progression of the plot. Well, I did find this intriguing, because most of the new Indian releases often resort to having flat supporting characters who are one-dimensional. In Marriage in the Time of Corona, the author gives life to each of the members of the cast with the right amounts of humour and realism.

Most of all, I am spellbound by how rich the book is as far as language is concerned. And yet this did seem to backfire to some extent.

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The only issue I faced while reading Marriage in the Time of Corona is not exactly a problem with the text. From hindsight, I felt that reading this book might be a bit challenging for those who find it difficult to read books written in an advanced standard of English. Marriage in the Time of Corona might be the light read as far as the content is concerned, but the execution is undoubtedly perfect for the narrative style. Thus, if you enjoy Bollywood dramas as books, I am sure you will not be disappointed by Marriage in the Time of Corona.

Pick the book if
Age Group

15 years and above

Skip the book if

  • You don’t like reading contemporary fiction.
  • .You don’t like reading books on Weddings
  • You don’t like reading Novellas
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About the Author
Arbind Bhatia is a seasoned investment banker who began writing in 2013 while recovering from a near death accident where he experienced an out-of-body episode. Since, this hobby has become a passion and he writes across various mediums including rap lyrics, poetry, short stories and essays. His themes generally revolve around social injustice and the degeneration of mankind.
He is currently in the process of writing his second book which is expected to be completed and released in 2022. He is often found performing at poetry events and with bands across Southeast Asia.

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