Book review of A Cursed Angel by Vivek Kasi

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A Cursed Angel by Vivek Kasi is a tale of almost every woman. It is a story of battles we women fight from the day we are born to the day we die. We lose in some fights and we come out victorious in others.

A Cursed Angel is a story of one such girl Riya, who at the end emerged a winner, despite being raped, threatened and in the pain of aloneness of it all. She fell in the depths of darkness for a moment, perhaps even considering death. She realized, however, that the darkness she was struggling for was not what she was looking for. And thus she stood up for herself and her self-respect.

This novella, A Cursed Angel by Vivek Kasi, truly an inspiring read, which I loved and devoured in no time. However, I felt that the author should have edited correctly since I have found the narrative lagging at some and writing style a little lost. Besides these few lags, the book A Cursed Angel by Vivek Kasi proved to be a gem: from the storyline to the characterisation.

Do I recommend this book?

Well, it depends only on the choice of the reader. If you like to read books about women’s issues, and don’t care about any grammar errors, then this is certainly for you, as for me, I enjoyed reading this easy, inspiring reading.

I give this book ‘A Cursed Angel’ by Vivek Kasi a 3.5/5

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