Book Review of A Detective’s Diary by Anvika Perodi

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A Detective’s Diary

Neelam Sharma, Booxoul



Abigail is an ingenious detective who must find the murderer! With her twin sister, Alice, a popular police officer, they can definitely catch the culprit red-handed, right?! However, this murderer is very sneaky. How on earth are they supposed to catch them in the first place?

Will the twin sisters find out who the murderer is or will Abigail ACTUALLY FAIL a case?! Read their diaries to find out the ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING TRUTH!


What I love most about reviewing new books is that I am able to discover new talents in the writing community. And this is how I came across Anvika Perodi, a 14-year old author. If I were to sum up my experience of her latest novel A Detective’s Diary, I would just say one word – amazed.

Yes, I am amazed by how well-crafted this mystery novel is. As the blurb suggests, A Detective’s Diary revolves around two sisters, Detective Abigail and Police Officer Alice. Both sisters embark on a mission to find out who the real murderer is. A whodunit story, as simple as it can be. But, brilliance of the novel lies extensively on its technicalities. Like I mentioned earlier, A Detective’s Diary is crafted impressively, as far as the progression of the story and the cast is concerned. The storyline has its share of twists and turns, both of which are unpredictable and unforeseen to such an extent that you might as well have to linger even after the identity of the culprit is revealed. After all, crime stories do not just end at the “who?” question. It also involves the “why” and the “how”, whose analysis is what makes A Detective’s Diary such a gripping read. The author has devoted ample amount of space for the protagonists’ respective introspections towards the case at hand. This aspect has been developed throughout the plot very neatly, as the narrative magnifies the reactions of each character when a certain event occurs. This sudden focus on characters at random would remind you of how a film camera works. Speaking of which, this style of writing is wonderful for sure. This is because; A Detective’s Diary consists of a narrative that epitomises simplicity to the fullest. Moreover, the author very patiently and attentively sticks to the details of the plot, giving us readers a glimpse into how the investigation is taking place. What is more interesting is that the simple narrative of the story is what results in a well-carved storyline which is presented with finesse.

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What surprised me most about A Detective’s Diary was how short the book was. Within a span of just 52 pages, the author narrates a mystery story so thrilling that you cannot let go of it at any cost. At the same time, this actually proves the potential of the author to write more fantastic mystery novels. The sheer size of the book does not, in any way, seem to pose as a challenge to the author. Some writers have a tendency to write with the eye of an investigator and talk about the littlest of evidence in the most meticulous way. Although such a practice is very nice, it often becomes tedious for readers who are unable to devote adequate attention to the innumerable easter eggs mentioned in the plot. A Detective’s Diary, however, keeps things simple rather and is successful in delivering a story that pulsates with tension and excitement till the truth comes out.

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About The Author

Anvika Perodi was born and raised in Australia until 2018. Now in India, she’s currently studying in grade seven. When Anvika was younger, before she started school, her parents used to read her children’s books that had Anvika absolutely fascinated as each and every story was so different yet so splendid at the same time! From there, she began to make up short stories and simplistic songs to tell her family and friends.

Anvika started writing short, creative stories in lower primary school as she enjoyed putting her thoughts down. In grade one, she was already reading large books, like Dork Diaries! Her favourite book or series would definitely be Harry Potter, by J.K. Rowling.

Some of Anvika’s hobbies, other than making stories, are drawing, writing little poems, doing digital art and making small animations. She says she loves what she’s doing right now and wishes to continue very much!

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