Book review of Inheritance by Jaswal Balli Kaur

Inheritance is a really sad story, or more precisely, it felt as if the book was grieving. Book review of Inheritance by Jaswal Balli Kaur1 min

Book review of Inheritance by Balli Kaur Jaiswal
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Book review if Inheritance by Jaswal Balli Kaur

Immersive Experience


A Story of a displaced family lost in the maze of Singapore. It was a good book, unfortunately, it wasn’t meant for me to read.


Jaswal Balli Kaur’s latest book, Inheritance, is a deep, studying portrayal of a family that is breaking apart slowly. The story is set in past-Singapore where a Sikh family struggles beneath various burdens.

Each family member has their own fights to win. The head and father of three, Harbeer is mourning his late wife even after years. The eldest son has begun his own family apart so that his daughters don’t fall under bad influence. The second son, Narain, is unwelcome in the society. And at last the 15 year-old Amrit , our protagonist, who strays away and falls straight into the clutches of wrong because of lack of love and supervision.
Each character was so deep and different. Their thought processes, mindsets; everything was captured by the author perfectly. It was written beautifully. But despite all this, I am not sure I should say that I liked the book. 


Inheritance is a really sad story, or more precisely, it felt as if the book was grieving. The author did a superb job capturing all the emotions, but it was just too sad and melancholy for my liking.

Other readers might enjoy it, some already love it! But sadly, the unhappy vibes did not sit well with me.

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