Exploring Lies, love, Malicious Murderous Motives And A Lot More Through A Book Review Of Lies Look Like Love By Bijaya Kumar Mishra

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Book Review Of Lies Look Like Love By Bijaya Kumar Mishra

Lies Look Like Love

Review by Neelam Sharma, Booxoul.com

Author: Bijaya Kumar Mishra
Writing Style


A small, rainy, forest town. A girl shattered by the untimely demise of her love. A stalker forces her to question her own sanity. Strange rumours surround her sisters. But she must protect some secrets at any cost. When a stranger shows up, love blossoms again. But lies look like love. Motives are malicious. Intentions are murderous. Lives are at stake. Truth must be unveiled before it’s too late.


If only life weren’t such an intense complex web? A mesh filled with such intricate, deep-set emotions, it is often so misleading and wondrous that one cannot help but be strangely mesmerized, caught up in that web…

Well, sometimes it so happens in life that what appears in actuality might not be the real scenario in that case. Call it a vantage discrepancy or a difference in perception, but what may appear vile and gross to one may actually not be for another, to whom it may appeal highly.

Lies look like Love – a book by Bijaya Kumar Mishra I recently finished is mystery fiction, somewhat on these very lines. A suspense thriller, this one is a story of Maya who has recently lost her husband Ansh.

Struggling to come to terms with her loss, she also has daunting skeletons in her closet. Deciding to allow a tenant to inhabit not only her house but also her heart, she soon must be prepared for not only newfound love but also lies as well. Where shall this newfound relationship in her life get her to? To find out you will have to read the book as shall reveal no more here.

To begin with, the story has been crafted very cleverly keeping all aspects that make a thriller great, in mind. The progress the story manages to latch onto, the creepy feeling of the unknown, and the daily uncanny trysts mentioned have been created and placed in a manner so as to keep the readers entangled as well as substantially whetting their reading appetite to discover what shall transpire next.

The complexity the story encompasses had the ability to hold me right until the end. Often what is unsought is not what is scary, rather what is present but surreptitiously hidden is what is worrisome in life.

The characters of Maya as well as Ravi appear affable and pleasing at first. However, as we proceed it becomes evident that there is more to the scenario than what appears on the surface. Ravi, who is a scientist and also single incidentally comes to stay as a tenant at her place. Having lost her husband Ansh due to his untimely demise it is only natural that Maya would be sad as well as depressed. However, as time passes not only Ravi but the readers too shall wonder what secrets lurk in her past as well as her life which she seems to be hiding to save her from some unforeseen, presumably horrible predicament. The character of her sister Pihu is equally unsettling too, as she is another person who has more to her than what meets the eye. As far as Maya’s character is concerned, she to me appeared like that ocean, that is all but calm. In an oasis of turbulence, it was unsettling to delve and find out the different hues of her persona as well as the situation she was a part of. Like I mentioned earlier, sometimes it is not spooky that will freak you but the more evident scenario which will make you qualmy.

Whether this is a psychological personality disorder or if there really is something spooky or wrong about this place and all the people who are a part of Maya’s circle remains to be discovered.

In a suspenseful thriller, the plot does tend to grab the pace as the story unfolds layer after layer, becoming more uncanny and complex with every proceeding chapter. The Author Bijaya Mishra has ensured that neither is the speed at which the story proceeds affected in any manner nor do the characters become overwhelming at any point. With a refreshing tonality and approach towards a powerful build-up, all leading to a stupendous climax-Lies look like love is a thriller you will surely enjoy reading if you are a fan of good suspense and thriller mystery. Anyways, I always feel that a suspense thriller always happens to be a canvas which is different for every writer. To each his own, every individual is free to splay a different spectrum of his thoughts upon the writing pad, creating a differently pictured crime committed, a heinous act that has transpired or an atrocity waiting to be discovered.

The entire set-up, especially the vivid atmosphere created around the characters, adds an aura of an unsettling and unexpected sort of ambience giving the plot a feeling of melancholy as well as a fast-paced persuasive narrative. It felt as if I was reliving the quirky spells of chill I had experienced while watching that Bollywood movie “Raaz”. Remember, what a super hit it was back then?

So, what sets apart a good thriller from others? Twists and turns, lies, deceptiveness and chilling thrills are what always add to the oomph factor of any good spooky suspense.

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Bijaya has ensured that not only are all these elements in tandem to the story but have been added in adequate measure to keep the story engaging enough to keep the pace on track. An interesting confluence of thrill, mystery, suspense, and spookiness along with some romance make up for a good read. A great book, do pin it to your next TBR for a good dose of thrills and chills.

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