Book review of Love & Longings by Sumana Bhattacharya

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Love & Longings

Rekha Bhagtani



A handful of poems that stem from my experiences of love, fulfilled and unfulfilled, and so many things that touched me, eluded me, as I walked along. For me, writing is about feeling, and I hope you feel what I felt when I wrote these poems. These poems are about love and longings, being brave enough to love even though we may lose.


Open your eyes, let me be one with you again. Together we will reach for our dreams, my whispering soul before merging with the void the adamant dreams still clinging on..

Whoa, what lines!!! A Stirrer to the very core. I was breathing and living before this one, but if truth be told, this one makes me realise how much emotional quotient the heart really holds…

Twenty six poems or should I say 26 jewels speaking about love, fulfilled and unfilled and everything beyond make up this collection. The writer has managed to portray her undiluted, cathartic feelings of love, break up and finding it back again whilst walking on the unusual, unpredictable paths of life. Her style of writing is fresh, encapsulating emotions which are otherwise sought often but have never been put forward in this manner ever. There is an aura of an unsaid magnetism she paints and expresses through her words which is sure to grip your thoughts and hold on to them for a long time even after you put it down.

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Think nostalgia but in a coming of age sorts. An ensemble of love, longing, loneliness in a soul stirring saudade, yet one which promises to lead onto the bridge towards a hopefulness in the latter part , love longings is all about those little peals of emotions that are tiny, yet present in a magnificent avatar in our lives. The ones we experience, yet are sometimes reluctant to acknowledge, the ones which are delicate yet are the stellar pillars of our emotional existence.

Take for instance this little snippet from the book,
Fairy tales happen sings my heart
Look around and you will see Cinderella’s glass slippers
The fairy godmother’s wand is hanging in the air, waiting to create magic with a swish.
In a garden not so far, the frog is being turned into a prince with a kiss of love
And in a castle somewhere the Beast is waiting eagerly for his Beauty to walk in.

It feels as if the writer has got those larger than life characters out of those old fable books, but with a purpose behind doing so.

To sprinkle, to recreate them, yet keeping them similar in essence, whilst making us believe in all those things nostalgic yet soooo endearingly, achingly closer to our heart and the deepest of our emotions.

Pick up this one if you want to get back to experiencing life and its myriad of emotions. A sure roller coaster to pursue.

So go and grab your copy and give those delicate emotions a stroller, a breather from the daily paucities of life.

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Book review of Love & Longings by Sumana Bhattacharya. Book review of Love & Longings by Sumana Bhattacharya. Book review of Love & Longings by Sumana Bhattacharya

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