Book review of Me Too by Karan Puri

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Me Too

Neelam Sharma, Booxoul



A Must read for everyone


Some books leave us happy, others crying and some cringing away. But there are a very few books that leave us shaken. Shaken to the core.

I am completely shook, after reading the book #MeToo by Karan Puri

We are all well aware of the #MeToo movement that began with many rape and sexual assault victims coming out and telling their stories. It gained a sudden momentum and horrible, heart-breaking stories emerged.

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The book narrates the stories of 6 sexual assault victims. Each tale is so raw, so paining. I cannot imagine someone going through it. I cannot imagine someone capable of doing such evil. I applaud all the victims who were brave enough to come out and tell their story. I am not sure if I could.

It is saddening that both females and males, of any age group are not safe in our society. It is saddening to see the judiciary fail. It is saddening to witness our values and ethics being trampled down by the very humans who made them. The education, the upbringing and awareness needs a moral boost. Values shouldn’t be lost just to books; they have to be a part of our lifestyle.

I can’t say much about the book. It’s, as I said, very raw. The author has done an incredible job writing it down. The message was very well, or I would rather say, very strongly delivered. The language, the writing style, the stories, all of them brings tears to your eyes.

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