Book review of My Life in a Pandemic by Giridhar Pai

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My Life in a Pandemic

Neelam Sharma, Booxoul



Buy if you like to read a Diary Non fiction, an account of 2020’s Pandemic


I don’t think any of us can forget last year. And with everything repeating itself over this year; the rising cases and long lockdowns, it seems impossible to escape the pandemic.

Well, if we can’t escape it, then let’s accept the fact that we’ll have to live to live with it for a while and NOT PANIC. To keep panic at bay, you can do whatever you love. Read, write, and learn new things. One such creation was My Life in a Pandemic: A Personal Memoir by Giridhar Pai. 

Written last year, the book is a personal diary of the author. He has written about each and every major thing that occurred last year. The big lockdown announcement, the news fiasco, telecasting of the old-days shows; the entire book is a nostalgic trip. 

The Lockdown Chronicles: Looking back at 2020

A unique thing that the author mentions is the INFODEMIC or the information pandemic.  He describes how we were all flooded with information (we still are by the way); fake or legitimate; how it frustrated all of us. 

The book is divided into entries; each entry of one page. Everything about the book was relatable. It’s everyone’s story.

What I loved about the book was how it reassured me that someone other than me went through the same. It was comforting to read it; that I was not alone.

Kudos to the author for penning it all down; the good and the bad. I didn’t realize I needed it until it was in my hand.

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