Book review of Phool ka Prapanch by Bina Shukla

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Phool Ka Prapanch

Neelam Sharma, Booxoul



A story of a flower’s journey into the human jungle. A journey that is worth remembering.


Phool ka Prapanch by Bina Shukla is a Hindi short story that takes us on a flower’s life journey. Our protagonist, the flower, has the most curious questions about everything, just like a small child; but the questions aren’t childish. The flower brings up so many important points throughout the book, in subtle, humorous ways. It loves gossip. Though its questions remain unanswered, it has opinions about everything. And yet, it chides itself again and again, thinking of itself a mere flower.

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Throughout its journey; from a plant to a garland to a lady’s hair and on, it notices the gaps, the weak points of our society; the weak aspects which we have become accustomed to.

The journey is the most beautiful one, where the flower learns and experiences so much. The writing was refreshing, in its flowery sense. The book is a satire, an amazing one.

Phool Ka Prapanch reiview in Hindi

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