Book Review of Rescript Your Life by Reeta Gupta

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The one who loves all intensely begins perceiving in all living beings a part of himself. He becomes a lover of all, a part and parcel of the universal joy. He flows with the stream of happiness, and is enriched by each soul.

Yajur Veda

So true each and every word stands of the above quote from the Yajur veda. Love, when given unconditionally, without inhibitions transforms a human like nothing else does.

Rescript Your Life

Neelam Sharma, Booxoul

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This is a self help title by Reeta Gupta, one of India’s most sought content specialists and human rights evangelist. Through her powerful words, she has managed to capture and put across deep insights to understanding the inner self as well as taking the potentially most perfect path to achieving what you believe in. Indeed, what you believe in is attainable provided efforts are altercated and driven towards the same.

Reeta has not only managed to explain self concepts like what makes us the way we are and what constitutes habits and unshackling the same, she has also talked about how to  tame the negative side of ones persona, explaining finer points along the way. She also has stressed on the ill effects of small, loose talks on ones life and how the same should be ignored and replaced in order to reprogramme what she calls the “Internal Monologue.”

Putting across the working of one’s brain akin to that of a computer, she diligently explains how doing away with negativity and rewiring the thought processes with affirmations can bring about a remarkable change in one’s life conditions.

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Putting off any kind of work or activity for another day is regular human nature, even if it is something crucial such as self improvement.Reeta not only highlights the importance of doing away with such behavioral traits but illustrates the same and further muses how habits should be visualized in a manner which is beneficial to achieving what you desire to become i.e. the best version of yourself.

Being influenced by Great thinkers, Spiritual leaders and feeding that to your mind rather than negativity is the first step of commitment towards transforming yourself.

She strongly advocates how one has to take complete charge and accountability of all things happening in their life instead of blaming it on someone else. One should look inwards, discovering oneself, whilst self appreciating as well as acknowledging the purpose that one holds close to heart.

She has beautifully put across narrations in support of all her theories. Getting close and candid, she has disclosed many of her personal takeaways in the manner of life instances and significant spiritual epiphanies derived over a lifetime of experiences. Be it jealousy, her teenage vanities, her struggles over the years have been narrated in a heart warming manner, making the reader feel up close to her inner self. 

Throughout the book, she has quoted some of the most powerful leaders, writers, spiritual thinkers whilst putting across the concept of THE CO or THE CHOSEN ONE. She calls it the highest possible level one can reach in terms of self belief. Achieving this inner state by way of internal self worth or self validation is the primary focus she speaks about achieving.

Stressing on the importance of positive thinking and also explaining the connect between the same and prioritizing values, mastering emotions, she has laid down a virtual path for all to follow whilst trying to achieve and step higher on the hierarchy of self actualization. Well, to be honest achieving the highest paradigms in this hierarchy is what we all ultimately strive towards, unanimously at some point in life.

Her style of writing is truly indulging, there is a flow and lucidity to her narrative. I especially connected to it as found this one to be a really powerful title to awaken the inner voice within me and also understand the complexities of life as well as true higher purpose determination in life.

Kudos to her for explaining such a huge concept in such an effortless, seam less manner without leaving any doubt whatsoever.

Grab the book if you want to know your true inner calling and purpose in life and want to read a guide directing you towards the same.

Hope you like the book review of Rescript Your Life by Reeta Gupta. Let us know in the comment section.

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