The Bug, the Bear and Baby Boo|Deepna Nagar|Book review

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Rarely, I come across children’s book that is equally as engaging as imaginative. Deepna Nagar’s The Bug, the Bear and Baby Boo is one such book that caught hold of the child inside me. And that child in me felt super happy with the world. ⁣

Baby Boo, one of my favourite characters, is lost in the wild forest and takes us to unknown adventures. The question is whether she going to be able to find her way back home?⁣

Even though the book is only 40 pages long, you wouldn’t find anything missing from the book. The simplicity of the story, and narrative, encourages children to read themselves. And one move at a time, the beautiful illustration directs them. Though, I must say this book reminded me of my favourite movie ‘Baby’s Day Out’.

I say all kids below 10 years must read this book. I say this because even my 9 years old nephew enjoyed reading this book very much. And also recommended it to some of his friends.⁣

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