Book Review of The GPS Paradigm- for Successful mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures by Nitin Potdar

Book Review of The GPS Paradigm: for Successful mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures by Nitin Potdar

Book Review of The GPS Paradigm: for Successful mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures by Nitin Potdar3 min

Book Review of The GPS Paradigm: for Successful mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures by Nitin Potdar



“In this era of the fourth industrial revolution, a monumental disruption led by the fusion of physical, digital and biological domains is pushing organisations towards a new normal of inorganic growth. Nitin unfolds a refreshing and practical framework for steering corporate mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures going forward. The business challenges are lucidly explained, and the strategies to avoid failures are well articulated. A ‘must read’ for everyone in business and profession” – PR Ramesh, Former Chairman, Deloitte India


What are your views on moving ahead strategically with the need of the hour? As in how important is it to embrace and adopt newer, out of the box, modern business ideas rather than remaining cooped up in the same age old strategic mechanisms.

The GPS Paradigm: for Successful mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures by Nitin Potdar is a practical journal that not only vitalizes but also explaims illustrously the means and ways to go about the path towards successful, growth oriented MA’s as well as JV’s. This comprehensive title not only covers accounting concept changes ovwr the years (Mr. Potdar being a renowned CA of a very distinguishable stature, his experience being unmatched in this arena) but also sheds light on finance and that too from today’s competitive, global perspective. Written in the academic kind of free flowing style, the vook breaks down all the necessary required research insights in today’s ever evolving, dynamic interconnected world as regards improving business mechanics, strategies and also imparting significant value creation for businesses all over.

The GPS framework (i.e Ground Intelligence, Unconventional partnerships and strategic solutions-a 3 dimensional model) cast as the working module is a pivotal approach taken here.

The application of all the related key points associated with this framework will surely help any business in not only beneficial mergers, acquisitions but also the immensely sought after value creation.
With a host of case studies offered at every stage,this book is a mine of information for all. The reason being in today’s strange, troubled times, survival alone is not going to work. Be it a start up or an established venture, everybody needs to go out and use the extra edge to not only provide sustainability but a dynamism to the tricks of their trade. We all have to literally pull up our socks,going out all guns.

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The writer has used descriptive charts to explain each concept. Be it students, legal professionals, businessmen or any one related to any such notable field, this is a must have. With a completely synthesized breakdown of important details pertaining to MA’s and JV’s, the writer has also shared his personal journey which is an absolute delight, a shining beacon of information by a remarkable torch bearer that Mr Nitin is.

His globally acclaimed, renowned presence in hos field adds an extremely rich perspective to the title in the form of his experiences and teaching.

The fact that he,himself is a popular speaker and a distinguished representative of the Maharashtra chamber of Tax consultants, a figure celebrated globally adds on to the integral value of the data approached to in the book.

An ode to a futuristic framework solution for enabling and bringing about successful M n A’s and JV ‘s in these challenging times, this one is an informative, stellar read.

Pick the book if
  • You love reading books on Business
  • You love reading books Business Mergers & Acquisitions

Skip the book if

  • You don’t like reading books on Business Mergers & Acquisitions
Age Group

21 years and above

About The Author

Nitin Potdar: Senior Corporate Lawyer & M&A Partner at J. Sagar Associates, Mumbai a leading Indian law firm, he brings with him a wealth of expertise in niche in the arena of Mergers & Acquisitions, Foreign Direct Investments, Joint Ventures & Foreign Collaborations. A widely acclaimed foreign investment expert, he’s advised the best of Indian corporate houses and MNCs on intricate matters across verticals of Education, Entertainment, Pharma, IT, FMCG, Engineering, Automobiles and Cement.

The Legal 500 recognises him for being ‘The Most influential & significant Lawyer in 2019’. Chambers and Partners London observed “Nitin Potdar receives positive reviews from clients, who highlight the quality of his advice and his proficient management of transactions. Commentators appreciate his proactive approach, and his ability to “to get the deal done.”

Mr. Potdar is also the founder director of Maxplore School of Business wherein Entrepreneurship Intelligence is taught to Schools Students (age 10 to 16).  He  has also been teaching entrepreneurship Schools and College levels with a program titled ‘3i – introspect, ideate and implement’.   Currently, he is part of the Entrepreneurship & Startup Sub-committee of CII-Western Region.


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