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Book review of F**K I Have So Many Questions: A Poetic Voyage Through the Chaos by Anurag Madan

“Trying to live a perfect life, I forget to live. But I am a mere actor…”. If these lines resonated with you. then come and read my thoughts on F**k I have so many questions: A Poetic Voyage Through Chaos by Anurag Madan

Slowly feeling became a word again.

Wo. This one surely will hit many people pretty hard. I mean when I saw this line in a book of poems I recently have been reading, my first thoughts were like” uff, doesn’t this one just summarize the mindset of one who is under some deep emotion and so well?” 

Less is more, especially when it comes to poetry and I have always felt that a poem which is always touted to be a mirror of one’s soul is something that encompasses major oceans, capable of lurching and upturning the strongest of mindsets. Indeed, that is the power of the written word surely. 

The most intense and profound of thought processes can be splayed across in a few words, if one is really willing to avoid throwing caution to the winds, letting the winds gather force and screech out loud the emotions one has been experiencing for a long time.

F**k I have so many questions: A Poetic Voyage Through the Chaos by Anurag Madan is a book of poems which has been written in an attempt to understand and approach all sorts of questions one might have felt right from one’s birth, existence right until the time of one’s death. It is an interplay of thoughts which has been penned down in an attempt to offload not only the emotions Anurag has experienced but done in an extremely cathartic manner, revisiting all that has ever been a part of his life, his world and his living pursuit.

Right from the time a person is born he/she is encircled with questions. From the major, existential ones like why are we here, what might have been the purpose behind us being born, coming to this life(we might not have a clue about these at that point in time) to the most trivial ones like where do I go from here in life to those queries which are jolted towards us in our path when we become more acquainted with our self and existence(when we grow up that is) right to those graver ones which we are faced with when we die, Anurag has attempted to not only envision what might be the course of a response to these, he has tried to minutely examine all of these in a fine way.

it was like a blank sheet,
with borders
but a pen in my hand
to write on walls.

While the micro musings (I am calling them that) are written in a unique way, nevertheless they were refreshing enough to read and indulge in. I was impressed by the way Anurag has highlighted and annotated many of these writings -simply, just like that, letting the words hit us straight, unfiltered, drenching us in the overall impact of his words.  What makes up for a brilliant and intense bit of reading is the fact that he has just created the entire anthology in the pattern of a free-flowing write-up, rather than opting to use a set, traditional mode of poetry writing. 

A Review of F**K I Have So Many Questions: A Poetic Voyage Through the Chaos by Anurag Madan

Indeed, that I have always felt, is the true power of the written word, especially poetry, isn’t it? To just go with the flow, without any prior inhibitions, no strings attached, as high as you desire. Surely, that for me was a high point about Anurag’s writing too. He has managed to put forth the most complex of life concepts, and the gravest of qualms in the most effortless manner, compelling us to just wade away through the concoction of strong emotions he has brewed through with this anthology.

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A word of strong praise here also to the brilliant illustrations that accompany many of his pieces. Illustrations that are simple, subtle and yet endearingly impactful, silent yet speaking a ton through those rough sketches of sorts they have been fashioned into. Anyways, a visual is always considered to be of much more impact as compared to even 1000 words and in this scenario, Anurag has showcased a brilliant confluence by fusing the best possible combinations and that too in a way, which is sure to resonate with you at the end of the day.

Poetry, many times is healing, is cathartic. In this case, for me surely, this one surely was a simple yet fine and relatable piece of writing that is a must-read, to be picked in case you are in the mood for a brilliant heart-warming piece of writing elucidating the musings of life and its allegories.

F**k I have so many questions: A Poetic Voyage Through the Chaos

Neelam Sharma
Author: Anurag Kashyap


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