Book review of Punarbhava-Rise of the legend of Panini- The Yogi Warrior by Ashutosh Jain

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Beginning in the cold glacier of Siachen, Punarbhavagrips you right from the start. And who would have guessed that it would take you back aeons in time, right back to Satyuga in the middle of an Indo-Pak fight? The whole book is packed with action- soldiers fighting with machine guns as well as the Deva-Asura raging battles. 

But it’s not just fighting. Filled with spiritual wisdom, it gives you a wide view of knowledge and progress which we made – Oh yes we definitely did- and fills you with awe. The appearance of various mythological beings- Indra, Shukracharya, the Saptrishis made me feel like- Yes! That’s how it all happened. I know that sounds a little, or very much, silly because yeah it’s all fantasy but what can I do? My mind doesn’t consult me while forming thoughts (I am happy it doesn’t). There are many Sanskrit shlokas from different ancient texts that cover the book and make it all more knowledgeable; one – Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah – right on the cover (I am gonna talk about the cover in just a minute) The characters are all well constructed; I am never going to forget Gayatri, she will always have a special place inside my heart.

There were some things that didn’t make sense (not many things do in the world) but nothing major. There are some really beautiful illustrations between the book that I couldn’t stop looking at. I loved the story and the concept and…………. THE COVER!!!!!!!! It’s one of those covers that make you snatch the book off the shelf and just hold it in front of your eyes and you keep gazing at it. It’s breathtaking. I can keep going on and on just about the cover but you will have to see it yourself.

Recommended to anyone who likes Indian mythology and spirituality (you should give it a try even though you don’t fall in that category because who knows?)

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