Book Review of Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella

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So, if you ask me, the ultimate fantasy a person has is getting to live the perfect life they aspire to. The one who has it all-name, money, fame, position, power, and everything, in short. Wait, that comes at a price, though. The price is your conscience -yes you lose a part of it! Understanding life in its deeper essence, Remember Me? By Sophie Kinsella, a review of much more than just that.

Remember Me?

Neelam Sharma
Author: Sophie Kinsella


You know, I have always felt that the best way to live my life, or rather the best “fantasy” I can dream of on a whim, would be to wake up one fine day, perhaps as someone who has forgotten the past but with benefits. The benefits being you are a better person (physically, mentally, monetarily, whatever!), moving forward with a new “garb” or persona, which is something you have dreamt of but not lived, imagine getting a chance to live that “perfect” life, getting switched into a personality you have only dreamed of but not been fortunate enough to be.

Wondering why I am on this fantastic roller coaster of imagination meets whim today? Well, Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella, one of my favourite reads (breakthrough chick lit, satisfaction guaranteed 200%), is actually what compelled me to put forward my thoughts to you guys today on this one. The chance- an opportunity to be able to live that “perfect” life, actually forgetting who you were and how you ended up in this brilliant spot—well, this one is a superb ride that gave me laughs and creeps and, most importantly, introduced me to life at its essential best.

The story revolves around Lexi, who gets up one fine day in the hospital and discovers that she has just turned into a “better”, “nearly perfect version of herself with one tiny flaw-she has forgotten and seemingly “lost” a big chunk of her memory. What’s more is that she is now distant from her besties, is the ultimate “bitch boss from hell” whom they despise, is much better looking (no complaining, I hope!), leaner and sexier (well, that is a positive now, isn’t it?) and most importantly, married! Wait what? And she seems to have forgotten that part (as if one would remember they are “taken” once you discover you are prettier than before, bummer!) I mean, ok, Eric, her multi-millionaire husband, is smart and a tad bit too organised, but hey hey, what about Fi, Debs, and Carolyn, whom she seems to have lost?

As she tries her best to reminisce and fit into her new lifestyle, she slowly realises everyone loathes her, including her co-associate (her earlier boss, darn how the hell did she make it to the top, she has lost the thread, you peeps!) Byron is not helping or making things easier either. Plus, to top it all, there is this handsome and secretive gentleman named Jon who claims to be her shining “knight in armour.” Uff, what and which way should she go-to Eric, the umm so called perfect, ideal husband(a bit too perfect, I’d say) or to Jon-the mystery man with whom she seems to have some kind of a connection for sure(I am going weak in the knees you guys with the way he has it for her, would kill for such love and care from a guy, wouldn’t you!)

So whether she manages to gel well in this presumably new life of hers or she starts enjoying it and prioritises mind over matter, I won’t reveal any more. You lazybones, go read the rest.

My favourite character?-Amy, hands down, followed by her younger half-sister, who for me was that perfect “mirror” who keeps her on her toes constantly. Amy was that ruffian younger sibling we all need to get acquainted with life, don’t we? Not to forget, I loved to bits her girl gang—Fi, Debs, and Carolyn, yes, I would throw away mountains of diamonds for these chicks too, any day, for the bro code they share with Lexi.

I loved the vibe they all shared and the relatability that came across after they eventually realised that Lexi had indeed forgotten a bit of her past. It is your besties only in this world who will understand, take things radically, and forgive you without judging you-that feeling was brilliantly fused in this one by Kinsella, for which a special mention from me is in order. I love it, Sophie!

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As far as the plot, the story, and the characters go, this is one of Sophie’s usual great pieces of chick lit, one you ought to enjoy, especially if you want to read without having to worry much about life. And yet, Sophie’s books have this amazing thing called a “slice of life-closer to real” kind of feel, which leaves you so contented and satiated that it is difficult not to enjoy or like indulging in this read. One may argue that it is slightly weak since there is more fun, romance, workplace humour, etc., but hey, aren’t those the realities of life, present but surreptitiously ignored? Yes, that is what I consider a true breakthrough rather than something that needs more thought. Such stories get you closer to your own self-that tiny inner being who knows what is happening but chooses to cast a shut-eye. A book that gets you on terms with the real priorities of your own life, your inner self.

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What do you value? What is most important to you, and most of all, who are you, where do you come from, and where are you going? The Genesis of One’s Inner self-I loved this rigmarole of fun, workplace humour, this slapstick comedy of errors where I was laughing, gawking, crying, wondering, and most importantly, living alongside Lexi, re-imagining the situation every time from her vantage point. a superb read.

So, I hope you guys liked my book review of Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella

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