Book Review of The Brocken Egg of Legacy by Tushar Parashar

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The Brocken Egg of Legacy by Tushar Parashar: How far would you go to maintain and uphold your family legacy? That’s right, to any point possible. Many a time, especially in India, it so happens that we are forced/pushed into a legacy which belongs to our parents, without any consideration to what we personally feel or want regarding the same. The Brocken Egg of Legacy by Tushar Parashar has portrayed this facet brilliantly showing us how this legacy always sticks to us no matter what. it never detaches from us and continues to hold on until the end of time.

Presenting a story that showcases one such pursuit of finding your own roots amidst that legacy.

How far would you go to keep up with your family legacy? Would you give it all that you desire and aspire for? Or would you choose to listen to your inner calling and follow the path of your deepest desires? Well, it depends on how one wants to proceed and also what he/she wants to prioritize in their life.

You must be wondering which book has caused me to muse like this today. Well, I am talking about Brocken Egg of Legacy by Tushar Parashar. This book revolves around the concept of family legacy and honour in a different manner. Upholding and keeping one’s family legacy high is one of the primary expectations any growing individual is always expected to fulfil. This might include going for career options which fall in line with those of the previous in the family, in fact taking all decisions in a particular manner which reflects the mindsets of our ancestors. In short, we are always expected to behave and make decisions in a certain manner and style which reflects the mindset and practices adopted by our ancestors. In such a scenario, many a time we may feel that we are being coerced into doing so and our point of view might completely differ from what is being imposed upon us. But should we ignore this imposition and give in to those not considering them to be a scythe but a stepping stone to our betterment, well, that is what remains to be seen.

Coming back to the book The Brocken Egg of Legacy, well Raghav Sharma, hails from a well-to-do Barrister family and background as well as a strong political one too. And yet, he despises the family legacy too. wanting to go against the traditional tide of the family legacy and name. Yes, I could completely relate to this feeling of Raghav. Indeed, when we decide to grow up and test our wings, exploring different options in life, we want to do so in a no strings attached manner, without any pre-set inhibitions or pressures. Could completely see this through and through Rghav’s mannerisms. The fact that he won his college elections actually gave me a personal triumph feeling of sorts as I know how it feels to be able to break free of shackles, proving yourself to your own inner one. The battle of setting the true synchronicity between the heart and the mind aka the worldly expectations vis-a-vis your inner voice is something I could see in my mind’s eye clearly in the struggles Raghav goes through. Even the challenges he faced while pursuing his relationship with the love of his life Aarushi is something surely where I got the” been there, done that “kinda feel. To discover and re-discover your ways to true happiness whilst giving priority to your inner voice and doing so while discovering your legacy is something I could feel hands down from this one. As also while dealing with Om’s Bheel community, I could relate to how Raghav was one of the few to go ahead and resolve the matter, something very few actually go forward and venture into.

A YA with a refreshing feel, this one had all the needed temperings I’d say, all material essential to make a great story. Be it romance, drama, the whole familial aspect, or even something traditional like the family honour hurdle Raghav and Aarushi face whilst giving a successful closure to their relationship is something I really could resonate with.

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Tushar’s writing is engaging, the story has quite a bit going on to keep you hooked right until the end. Although, to be honest, I would say it could have been a tad bit short as too much of subplots and side tracks tend to become a bit overwhelming sometimes. Albeit, nevertheless it is a pretty good read with a lot being imparted by way of a takeaway from this read.

The Brocken Egg of Legacy

Neelam Sharma
Author: Tushar Parashar



A fictional story set in reality and musing upon the intricate facets of finding and acknowledging one’s legacy and true calling.


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