Book review World’s Best Husband by Nandita Saini

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Book review World’s Best Husband by Nandita Saini

It so rarely happens that when I read a novel, I could literally feel their texture on my tongue. The textures of Romances, Thrillers and so on. Like fluffiness of Vanilla Ice Cream while reading some good slow-burn romance, or sometimes a zing of coppery salt taste when reading a hair-raising Mystery/Crime/Thrillers. And World’s Best Husband by Nandita Saini was one such novel that felt soft, fluffy and light. Reading it gave me a cozy homey feel.

So what’s this novel all about?

World’s Best Husband is a story about Nandini and Advik and their lovely relationship founded on love, respect, trust, friendship and understanding.

Book Blurb:

We have read stories of Love-Marriages, Arrange-Marriages and Love-cum-Arrange Marriages. This is a heart-warming story of an Arrange-cum-Love Marriage of a 24-year-old boy Advik and 22-year-old girl Nandini. Too busy in enjoying their life and too young to think about marriage. How did their thoughts change about marriage in just 2 days after they met? Perfect first Arranged-Date, Perfect courtship period, Perfect bonding and Perfect togetherness before and after marriage. Then what caused her to be despondent and depressed after marriage?

This is the story about how Advik changed her perspectives, helped her resolve her issues and strengthened the bond of love and attachment.

Women say Men change after Marriage, here a wife is happily saying she changed herself for her husband. What made her believe totally in him and have blind faith on him?

Their issues are not just their’s. They are faced by many girls after marriage, in our society. 

How can every Advik and every Nandini make a difference in their life and bring about a Change in Society. Let’s uncover their enchanting love story.

My views

World’s Best Husband by Nandini Saini was a pleasant surprise for me in terms of reading. Why do I say this? Well, for two reasons: a. I thought it to be a romance saga, but it wasn’t. And I was disappointed a little, but as I moved further and further I realised it was much more than a romance saga. It was a story of every woman, who became a wife, a bride, and so much more but she’s all alone, if not for her husband’s support. And these nuances of relationships depicted so beautifully is what captured my heart. I could on so many levels connected with the character Nandini.

b. The simplicity of author Nandini’s narrative style and this is what put cherry to the cake. Simplicity. It was flawlessly engaging.

Do I recommend this book?

Yes, I absolutely do. World’s Best Husband by Nandini Saini is a perfect light read that everyone needs to read. Moreover, the meaning of what enters into an Indian marriage was fully grasped in the story. Especially, post-marriage, when adjustment is the only mantra in the typical Indian house. So what are you waiting up for? Go, grab your copy now…

I give it a sparkling 4/5

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