Book review of Together we were (W)hole by Namrata Gupta

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Together we were (W)hole

Suditi Gupta

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Together we were (W)hole by Namrata Gupta is a romance-thriller book and…..I have got a lot to say so, let’s get started, shall we?⁣

A little about the book:⁣

It starts with Sanaya Sharma; a girl who is plotting something against someone (forgive me but I can’t spoil it). The story then spins off in the past where we see Sanaya, getting started with her first job in a firm. And guess what? She falls in love with a very charming, sweet colleague namely, Mr. Siddharth Sachdev; who loves her back (obviously). A couple of months into their relationship, when things are going amazing; Siddharth suddenly starts behaving like a complete stranger. What’s got into him?⁣

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What I think about it:⁣

The book started off great and I guessed I would finish it before I even knew. It’s just 120 pages and got me hooked immediately. The story flashes back and forth from past to the present which built up nice suspense and I had finished 50 pages in the 1st sitting. But (I hate buts) the 2nd half of the book, oof, I did not like it. I did not like how the story went on from there. Maybe because it became so fast paced and should have taken at least 100 pages more. AND I did not like the end. It was so abrupt, it came as a shock.⁣

Final say:⁣

I have to admit; the book was written admiringly well and I commend the author for that. It had so much potential and I would have loved to see it evolve differently; but the efforts put by Namrata Gupta are definitely praiseworthy. I wish her all the best for the future!⁣

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About the Author

Namrata Gupta

She is the author of three popular novels, ‘A Silent Promise’ (2015), ‘The Full Circle.. Stumbling Upon A Sinful Mystery’ (2018) and ‘Together We Were (W)hole’ (2020). She also has a short story titled ‘One Wedding Three Murders’ (2018) to her name. Her books have won many hearts. 
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