Challenges of the Gods by C. Hofsetz – A nerve wrenching sci-fi

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Like me, do you wonder sometimes that the world we see around us is not real? Maybe it’s just our perception that makes this world what it is. Or maybe it’s our mind which is playing games with us? Or wait is it something else!! Like a superpower, sitting somewhere and making us do things which we are doing right now!! God!! Yes, maybe he is the one pulling the strings & makes us all dance to his tune. If you also had similar questions and Deja vu of an alternate life, this is the book for you.

Opening Lines: The first thing that comes to mind is that the afterlife is overrated.

Page Count: 374 pages

Publisher: Wild Rose Press

Publication Date: January 7th, 2019

In Challenges of the Gods, Author C Hofsetz may not answer all the questions we have, but definitely gives us a glimpse of the world/concept that we claim to have dreamt of many times. He also gives us a new perspective about the almighty God. What if God is not meant to do the right thing always!! What if he is a bad guy? What if he also makes mistakes and then tries to correct it like us humans??

Mike, the lead character, assigned randomly by the god to correct their mistake, is a perfectly funny and equally sarcastic guy all girls dream for. Whenever he makes an entry, he lit up the pages of the novel and cracks me up. When his love betrays him in the story, I am sure every girl reading this book will wish if only once she could be part of the story to meet him. But the entry of Jane will surely crash all their hopes. Mike & Jane’s compatibility is just perfect. Other characters also play their role well and never leaves you wondering why the hell they are in the story.

Mike’s journey to complete his mission destroy the alternate world is described so well by the author that you are compelled to turn the pages one after another. The language and flow of the story are smooth too. However, Mike’s soliloquy sometimes becomes quite lengthy & hence boring. Though the plot of this sci-fi is really good, it could have been short. Who doesn’t like a short gripping read after all?

So, with an overall rating of 4/5 stars, I will suggest you grab a copy of this nerve wrenching sci-fi and start your new year by taking a step close to the future. Happy new year guys!!

C Hofsetz

Born: Brazil


After working for several years as a professor in Brazil, C. Hofsetz moved to the United States and changed careers. Currently, he is a Software Engineer by day and a writer by night.

Software engineering and computers have been his passion since he was a teenager, but he’s been reading novels for longer than writing code. One day, he couldn’t help it anymore. He wrote the first chapter of a book. How bad could it be? But things escalated quickly. The next thing he knew, he was writing yet another chapter, and then the next. He tried to hide it, but his family knew he was up to something.

When they figured out what he was doing, it was too late—he accidentally had written a whole book.

The result of this journey is the Challenges of The Gods, a story about a fantastic world of gods meddling with humans.

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