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Supernatural, Secrets, and Society: A Review of ‘The London Séance Society’ by Sarah Penner

Do you believe in ghosts and spirits? What if I told you there was a way to connect with them and summon them at will? And yet, be prepared; summoning those who have “moved on” might not be a safe idea, peeps! The London Séance Society by Sarah Penner is a horror thriller fiction which will make you question the norms of reality as well as surreal, altering your thoughts about life and death altogether

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The Fantastical World of Myths and Magical: The World of Ancients by Lakshmanavaradhan Vicky

What if you decipher that you are the “chosen one”, abject to solving a quest based on prophecies made long ago? Don’t worry, you have allies alongside to support you, magical creatures, too. Hmm, sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Delving into one such pursuit of a mystical, magical adventure through a review of The World of Ancients: Into the Mythical Realm by Lakshmanavaradhan Vicky

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