Five Spice Curry by Anushila Chakrabarti

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A reader goes through multitude of emotions while reading a novel, and if that novel happens to be a collection of short stories, then each story of it contains emotions unfathomable, that shakes you, makes you laugh, makes you reminisce the past long gone by, and it also shatters you, all at once. Sounds like magic, right?⁣

Anushila’s novel Five Spice Curry, is one such book that has only five stories, but the journey we take with each of these stories, covers distances of a lifetime and gives experience invaluable. Experiences that are as essentials as the Five spices we use in an Indian curry, without which our life is bland and meaningless.⁣

This book Five Spice Curry by Anushila Chakrabarti took hold of my heart from the first story. It was a story, which I could relate to. And this was the story that set my excitement rolling. And roll, they did!⁣ Each and every story was a delight to read. Each was a mirror reflecting our life choices that we make and the outcome of those choices were as fluid as water, shaping our life.⁣

Anushila with her incredible storytelling art, impressed me. The narrative style enthralled me. It was a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. All shades of emotions in one place, spreading their fragrances in all parts of my heart. I was struck at the beauty of these stories. Engrossing and compelling. ⁣

One can see the hard work and love the author has put into this book. I could still smell the fragrance of these stories. The best part of the book Five Spice Curry by Anushila Chakrabarti is that I couldn’t find a single negative thing to say. ⁣Though, I wouldn’t say that each of these were perfect. No. The beauty was in its imperfection.

I would like highly recommend this book to you all. Especially who likes to read short stories. This book has scored a perfect 5, for it’s sheer simplicity and stories we could easily connect to.⁣

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