God Chronicles: Of Swarga by Ranjit More

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Indian mythology believes that after death there is either SWARGA or NARKA, so we all wonder what SWARGA will be like…is it the same as earth or something beyond our imagination. How gods we worship live in Swarga? Do they have conflicts or it is all just tranquil?

The Author, Ranjit More in God Chronicles takes us to the mythology world of Swarga where Indra is ruling with one absolute rule that no one should cross Line of safety. Crossing a mysterious line of safety leads to a penalty as death or ex-communication. But why? Does this rule is for the safety of goods or own convenience?.

All of sudden Kratu – general supreme of Swarga, faces betrayal by king Indra. From one of the powerful of Swarga, lover of apsara-Menaka suddenly Kratu becomes nobody.

All he is left is to find the truth of ‘Line of safety‘ or die mercilessly in Swarga politics. Somehow if he is unable to find the truth, then Swarga might end with the lower world. Will he be able to find the truth or fate has stored something else for him?

My favorite character in ‘God Chronicles‘ will be Kratu for obvious reasons. The story revolves around him and the reader experiences his character growing from a loyal employee to a survivor of Swarga politics, a merciless fighter. But I would have appreciated if his personal life and love interest could have been elaborated little more to get invested with his character in depth.

The latter half of the book becomes a little tedious as connecting with ancient names and characters becomes difficult. Also, I felt that it was a bit stretched.

For this mysterious mythology novel, I will rate 3 out of 5 stars as it has a different concept.

God Chronicles

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