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Indian Stories: Images & Stories




Reading this book felt like a vacation, I so needed after this dreadful lockdown. I say a must-read it is.


Reading about something close to my heart is always touching. Be it family, friendship or my city. And when it is about my country, India, the connection and protectiveness is on another level. Indian Stories: Images and Thoughts by Ravi Valluri made me feel so proud and awed, it is hard to explain.⁣⁣

The book is divided in four parts. The first of them, Wanderlust is all about Indian railways. Facts, routes, spots and trains; some of those beautiful and majestic, never-seen-anywhere trains. I just fell in love with this section. The next part, Wondrous India is about some not-so-famous yet amazing tourist spots that have to be on your to-visit list. Post lockdown period seems like a wonderful time for a big vacation. Then comes the third section which is about known and lesser-known personalities of India. This was an eye-opener and informative part. And at last a self-help section with various thoughts and ideas.⁣⁣

In all, Indian Stories by Ravi Valluri is a great book that celebrates the Indian culture and civilization in a majestic manner. Every turn of page was a treasure I discovered. It was like I was at that exact spot which the author was describing, witnessing the glorious beauty. It was an adventurous and immersive read, with beautiful writing.⁣⁣

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